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    Two Wheels: Charge electric motorcycle race documentary comes to theaters this week

    For lovers of electric bike racing, director Mark Neale's documentary about the first-ever electric motorcycle competition that started on the Isle of Man TT course June 12, 2009, Charge, is now in theaters. The updated film chronicles racing teams preparing for the 2009 race, and their return in ...

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    Report: 4,000 Chargemaster plug-in vehicle chargers coming to UK in Polar deal

    It's time for the UK to go Polar. That's the name of a new scheme that calls for a UK-wide network of plug-in vehicles charging points to be installed. What's even more interesting is that every penny of the Polar initiative comes not from the government, but from private investments. The ...

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    Study: Where to charge up your electric vehicle? At IKEA and at home

    An overwhelming majority of drivers, if they actually owned a plug-in, are pretty sure they will charge their electric vehicles at home, according to a Chartwell study. Chartwell's survey of 1,500 North American consumers – not necessarily owners of electric vehicles – reveals that ...

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    Nichicon develops world's smallest quick-chargers

    A relatively unknown Japanese firm, one that goes by the name of Nichicon, has developed and will soon launch what it says are the world's smallest quick-charge stations for plug-in vehicles. Nichicon's NGQ-A202 and NGQ-A302 use what the firms calls "advanced module technology" to shrink down ...

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    Video: Charge takes us on a ride through green racing history on two wheels

    If you have an interest in electric motorcycles, or even just an appreciation of a well-told story about a game-changing event set in a mystical, modern-day anachronism, then Charge by Mark Neale is one movie you really should must see. It's the story of the birth of electric motorcycle road ...

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    Video: Charge! TTXGP movie trailer released

    Charge – Click above to watch video after the jump
    While you can already order yourself up a 2-disc DVD set featuring plenty of never-before-seen footage, exclusive interviews and commentary from last summer's TTXGP on the Isle of Man for the tidy sum of £24.99 ($40.26 U.S. at ...

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    U.S. electric grid has capacity for a lot of plug-in hybrids

    A new study for the Department of Energy has identified massive idle "off-peak" electricity production and transmission capacity in the existing electric power system. So much so in fact that it could power 84 percent of the 220 million vehicles in the U.S. if they were plug-in electric vehicles. ...


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