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    Report: Every tale of EV charging woe has two sides

    Nissan Leaf owner Remy Tennant knows what it's like to be stranded at a Blink quick charger station. It happened to him last April in Belmont, CA, and he resolved to never let it happen again. Resolutions can be so hard to keep. As Remy recently wrote over on Plug In Cars, one recent January ...

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    Official: Arizona-based GoE3 plans 500 Interstate-adjacent EV chargers by 2015

    Add one Arizona company to the list of entities looking to string together a network of electric-vehicle charging stations. GoE3 says it plans to build a network of Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations along U.S. interstates, with the first stations to open as part of an unnamed rally and ...

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    Official: Daimler, BMW, others form Hubject JV for 'customer-friendly electromobility'

    Hubject may be a word without much meaning right now, but six German companies, including Daimler and BMW, want it to stand for easy-to-use, easy-to-access electromobility. The two German automakers, along with Bosch, EnBW, RWE and Siemens, have created the hubject GmbH joint venture to build ...

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    Report: PlugShare, Getaround offer special deal to select electric vehicle drivers

    Xatori, maker of "innovative" software for electric vehicles, is offering a special deal related to its flagship app, PlugShare. Xatori and peer-to-peer firm Getaround have teamed up to reward select PlugShare users $50 for sharing their plug-in vehicles on Getaround's marketplace. The PlugShare ...

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    PlugShare app is nation's most extensive electric vehicle charging network

    Xatori Inc., maker of "innovative" software for electric vehicles, announced that its flagship app, PlugShare, is now the U.S.' most extensive plug-in vehicle charging network. How can an app be considered a charging network? Well, here's how Xatori explains its wild claim:

    With over 12,000 ...

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    350Green plans nationwide network of electric vehicle chargers

    Founded in June of 2008, 350Green, a San Diego, CA-based company, announced plans to install a nationwide network of electric vehicle charging stations. 350Green will launch its first charger install project in the San Francisco Bay Area. The California-based company looks to install charging ...


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