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    Report: 4,000 Chargemaster plug-in vehicle chargers coming to UK in Polar deal

    It's time for the UK to go Polar. That's the name of a new scheme that calls for a UK-wide network of plug-in vehicles charging points to be installed. What's even more interesting is that every penny of the Polar initiative comes not from the government, but from private investments. The ...

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    Automakers working on universal electric vehicle port for all charging levels

    How many plug ports does the electric vehicle industry need? One more, apparently. German automakers Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen – in conjunction with General Motors and Ford – will unveil the Combined Charging System at the 15th International VDI-Congress and ...

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    Eight tips to extend electric vehicle battery life

    Is battery longevity a legitimate concern? You bet it is. With plug-in vehicles, their unproven battery technology could be the cause for constant worry among individuals, first among them the owners. Sure, lengthy warranties are attached to most plug-ins, but are there simple techniques to ...

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    Nissan looks to corner quick-charge industry with half-price unit

    Nissan has teamed up with leading European firms, including Circutor, DBT, Efacec, Endesa and Siemens, to speed development and installation of public-access quick-charge stations across Europe. This agreement centers on the widespread deployment of Nissan's sub-$10,000 quick-charger, a unit ...

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    350Green, Coulomb team to install 400-plus charging stations across U.S.

    Plug-in vehicle charging stations are still a bit of a rarity here in the United States and, while 400 additional chargers won't make for a nation that's blanketed with the technology, we'll certainly take all the charging points we can get. 350Green is teaming up with Coulomb Technologies to ...

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    European automakers propose global plug-in connection standard

    The European automotive industry has agreed on a common system for charging plug-in vehicle throughout Europe. The ACEA, Europe's automobile manufacturers' trade association, aims to standardize one type of connector for all plug-ins sold in Europe. ACEA's secretary general, Ivan Hodac, ...

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    Study: Where to charge up your electric vehicle? At IKEA and at home

    An overwhelming majority of drivers, if they actually owned a plug-in, are pretty sure they will charge their electric vehicles at home, according to a Chartwell study. Chartwell's survey of 1,500 North American consumers – not necessarily owners of electric vehicles – reveals that ...

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    AeroVironment installs its first charging station in Hawaii

    Environmentally conscious vacationers will likely be thrilled to know that if they rent a plug-in vehicle in Hawaii and stay at the Marriott Waikiki, then they will have no problem juicing up their vehicle since AeroVironment has installed a charging station on the hotel's grounds. Apparently, ...

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    Nissan reveals sub-$10,000 quick charger

    Nissan Motor Co. revealed what might just be the world's cheapest quick-charge station. Priced below $10,000 and set to go on sale in November, Nissan's newly-developed quick-charge unit takes up significantly less space than most competing Level 3 chargers and is supposedly easier to install, ...

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    Report: Why 110-volt charging makes sense for some plug-in vehicle drivers

    This question should be on the FAQ for new plug-in vehicle owners: should I shell out $2,000 for a wall-mounted 240-volt charging station that can fully recharge my electrified vehicle in approximately eight hours, or will a much less costly 110-volt setup suffice? While there's no set-in-stone ...

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    Nichicon develops world's smallest quick-chargers

    A relatively unknown Japanese firm, one that goes by the name of Nichicon, has developed and will soon launch what it says are the world's smallest quick-charge stations for plug-in vehicles. Nichicon's NGQ-A202 and NGQ-A302 use what the firms calls "advanced module technology" to shrink down ...

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    DOE helps standardize EV charger permit process with online tools

    Electric vehicles are a relatively new thing here in the United States (as long as you ignore vehicles like the short-lived EV1 and the first-gen RAV4 EV and the whole EV thing back in the early 1900s). The current generation EV are so new, in fact, that many cities do not have a standardized ...

  • 0 gets a roadside charge from Real Power

    Compared to the rather sparse infrastructure of charging stations, gas pumps are practically ubiquitous. Even so, gas-powered drivers know it's not uncommon to overlook that little flashing light next to "E" until your V-8 is running as quietly as any electric motor... for a very short ...

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    Walgreens to get electric vehicle chargers from 350Green

    Electric vehicle owners should soon be able to plug in their autos while stopping off for some toothpaste and a refill on Rogaine. Walgreens, the largest drugstore chain in the United States, will be hosting EV charging stations thanks to an agreement with 350Green that will see EV chargers added ...

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    Chevy Volt's 120v charging cable getting too hot?

    According to an article at All Cars Electric, a number of Chevy Volt owners who regularly charge up their cars using standard 120v outlets and the included charging cable have noticed that the cable is getting hot and becoming discolored. One owner even reported a cable growing hot enough to ...

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    Yazaki, Evatran partner to commercialize Plugless Power charging system

    Evatran – developer of the Plugless Power plug-in vehicle inductive charging system – and Yazaki North America – a Tier 1 automotive supplier that specializes in electrical distribution systems and connectivity solutions – have signed a joint development agreement aimed ...

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    London adds 150 charging stations; total now stands at 400

    The city of London has taken a significant step towards becoming the electric vehicle capital of Europe with the launch of Source London – a scheme that has already added 150 public-use chargers in the city. The creation of a city-wide charging network is an attempt to quash fears of range ...

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    Nissan's Andy Palmer says U.S. needs more charging stations

    Obama's goal of putting one million hybrid and electric vehicles on U.S. roads by 2015 is "reasonable," says Nissan's senior vice president, Andy Palmer, but only if the government gets around to installing thousands of charging stations nationwide within four year's time. Palmer says that since, ...

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    MIT finds another reason to charge your car at night: reduced pollution

    If you own or plan on purchasing an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid (PHEV), you may be weighing the pros and cons of Time-of-Use metering (assuming that's an option). Will your electricity bill go down? Is it worth leaving your vehicle partially charged so that you can take advantage of the ...

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    New electric car drivers finding a home at RV parks

    Change is inevitable and, with gas prices rising, industries related to the RV world are reinventing themselves in order to keep up with the evolving demands of the market. Even the so-called "RV Capital of the World," Elkhart, IN, is trying to change its ways. It seems the push there is to now ...


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