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    Exclusive: Ford made three big mistakes in calculating MPG for 2013 C-Max Hybrid
    Latest Error Was Discovered In March 1403029680

    It's been a rough time for the official fuel economy figures for the Ford C-Max Hybrid. When the car was released in 2012, Ford made a huge deal about how it would beat the Toyota Prius V, which was rated at 42 combined miles per gallon, 44 city and 40 highway. The Ford? 47 mpg across the ...

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    Chelsea Sexton joins Echo Automotive's technical advisory board

    Echo Automotive, Inc., a start-up company that converts fleet vehicles to hybrids and plug-in hybrids, has announced an impressive Technical Advisory Board. Plug-in electric vehicle expert Chelsea Sexton and two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Arie Luyendyk are two of the seven board members who met ...

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    Report: EV advocate Chelsea Sexton explains what gets potential buyers charged up

    Our friend Chelsea Sexton, co-founder of EV advocacy group Plug In America, says that Nissan, Coda and other electric-vehicle makers need to focus more on the heart and less on the head when it comes to pitching EVs to prospective buyers. Sexton, who was recently hired by Nissan as a consultant, ...

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    Video: Nissan's Andy Palmer discusses Leaf battery degradation crisis [w/video]

    Chelsea Sexton, founder of the Lightning Rod Foundation, a co-founder of Plug In America, and star of Who Killed the Electric Car, recently sat down with Andy Palmer, executive vice president of Nissan, to discuss the Nissan Leaf and its battery degradation crisis in Arizona. You can watch the ...

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    Report: Nissan addresses Leaf battery woes, customer communication shortcomings

    Yep, that ought to do it. While the firestorm of controversy over the woes regarding the battery in the Nissan Leaf continues to rage, the company has stepped up to the inferno with a couple buckets of PR water and a promise to bring out a very large hose. According to a statement from Carla ...

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    Why GM's push to add plug-in hybrids to California's AB475 is causing problems

    Many California plug-in vehicle proponents have a love-hate relationship with GM, born out of the EV1 experience (see "Who Killed The Electric Car?" if this is news to you) and the trend continues with some disagreement over a bill (AB475) that will, if passed, amend Sections 22511 and 22511.5 of ...

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    GM announces Customer Advisory Board for Chevy Volt

    2011 Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Lyle Dennis. Bill Nye. Jim Woolsey. Brian Wynne. What do these people have in common, besides being featured at one time or another on AutoblogGreen? They are all members of the new Chevrolet Volt Customer Advisory Board that ...

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    Chelsea Sexton: SB 535, HOV access for plug-in and the unintended consequences of easy political wins

    One of the persistent challenges of deploying plug-in vehicles has always been metrics: how to evaluate, regulate, incentivize and talk about them to the general public. It's complicated enough transitioning consumers from thinking about miles per gallon to miles per kilowatt hour, particularly ...

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    Plug-In 2010: Bill Nye, Chelsea Sexton return for public night panel

    Bill Nye, "The Science Guy," Jessie Deeter, the producer of Who Killed The Electric Car? and Revenge of the Electric Car, and our own Chelsea Sexton took to the stage at the close of public night at the Plug-in 2010 Conference. With this line-up, it was more than 66 percent the same as last year, ...

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    Chelsea Sexton: Nissan Leaf uses information as gateway drug

    After inviting hundreds of people to Japan to check out the production-ready Leaf electric vehicle, Nissan has begun a much smaller effort in launch markets in the U.S., thus far conducting test drives in San Diego and Los Angeles, California. I managed to snag a last-minute slot in the latter, ...

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    Chelsea Sexton: We're losing sight of reason in the debate over adding sounds to electric vehicles

    Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Recently, Nissan unveiled it's "Approaching Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians" (VSP), a wonky name for the noise added to the upcoming Leaf electric vehicle (EV) at low speeds. Doing so immediately ignited a debate about the aural aesthetics ...

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    GM hosts EV1, Volt talk with Chelsea Sexton today, 2 p.m. EDT

    The other day, long-time plug-in vehicle advocate and overall voice for cleaner cars Chelsea Sexton published her first column on AutoblogGreen, and it brought together two ends of General Motors's electric vehicle story – the EV1 and the Chevrolet Volt. We've since updated that post with a ...

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    Chelsea Sexton: GM re-connects old fans with new Volt to win hearts and minds - again

    2011 Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery
    In a rainy parking lot behind the Long Beach Convention Center, Chevrolet Volt Vehicle Line Director Tony Posawatz is egging on his last test driver of the night, while Bill Nye "the Science Guy" coaches from the back: "Okay, so ...

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    Long-time electric vehicle drivers get a crack at the i-MiEV

    When you've been driving an all-electric car for years, is it still exciting when a new one pulls up in the driveway? For long-time Plug In America supporters Zan and Paul Scott, the answer is an easy "yes." The plug-in pair recently got the chance to spend some time with Mitsubishi's i-MiEV, and ...

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    Know who loves electric cars? Bill Nye the Science Guy

    During the Plug-in 2009 conference in Long Beach, California last week, the most passionate advocates for plugging in their cars came out in droves for the public night. Seems that once people get a taste of plugging in their car instead of sucking down fuel at the gas station, they really, ...

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    It's Friday: you, too, can buy a $300 Tesla Roadster with exhaust pipes

    Tesla Style kids car - Click above for image gallery
    This isn't the first time we've seen a toy representation of the Tesla Roadster, but it is the strangest. First, the good news: it's all-electric (mega points for authenticity) and it's quite cheap, at least comparatively, at just $229. It's ...

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    Chelsea Sexton tries out the Chevy Volt, smiles

    When we drove the Chevy Volt test car about a month ago, we found everything progressing as planned and didn't see anything that looks like it will push back the planned November 2010 Job 1 date. Our friend Chelsea Sexton, one of the most prominent plug-in vehicle supporters around, recently got a ...

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    Plug-in America to Gov. Schwarzenegger: Revive the ZEV program

    Plug in America is calling on Governor Schwarzenegger to "live up to his vow to turn back the clock on pollution" by reviving the historic ZEV (Zero Emissions Vehicle) program. How did they do it? The got people from 45 states and 13 countries, as well as few celebrities, to fax a letter to him ...

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    Exclusive Q&A with Chelsea Sexton about the EV1, why the Prius gets a 'C', and who really killed the electric car

    You don't have to spend much time talking with Chelsea Sexton to realize she is passionate about electric vehicles. Sexton has been part of the EV debate that started in the 1990s with the debut of General Motor's first mass-production all-electric vehicle, the EV1. Sexton worked for GM, leasing ...


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