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china rare earth

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    Report: China's leading rare earth firm to halt operations for 1 month

    China's number one rare earth firm announced on Tuesday that it would suspend all operations immediately, according to Nikkei. The Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare-Earth Hi-Tech shutdown is reportedly a direct action aimed at countering falling rare earth prices Inner Mongolia Baotou, which ...

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    Report: Japan to invest $514M to slash use of Chinese rare earth metals

    In early January, China announced that it would slash its rare earth export quotas by 11 percent in 2011. The move caused prices to soar and has led Japanese officials to try and find ways to make this not matter very much. Effective immediately, Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and ...

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    China mulling full-year quotas on rare earth exports

    China's commerce ministry, along with other government agencies, is reportedly considering full-year export quotas on rare earth metals. While the ministry pledges to set quotas in accordance with World Trade Organization rules, abiding by those guidelines still provides China with significant ...

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    Report: China to cut rare earth export quotas by 11% in 2011

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    China is expected to announce the formation of a rare earth industry group in May 2011. This organization will reportedly be tasked with guiding the nation's domestic rare earth industry and handling price negotiations with foreign buyers ...


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