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    Video: Plug In America expects 250,000 EVs will be sold by September
    Milestone Could Hit During National Drive Electric Week 1403652540

    The group of electric vehicle supporters known as Plug In America (PIA) figures that a grand total of 220,494 plug-in vehicles have been purchased in the US since the modern wave of EVs went on sale in late 2010. Just over a year ago, PIA celebrated the 100,000th EV sold in the US, a Mitsubishi ...

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    Official: LA finally gets public DC fast charger for electric vehicles

    Well, it's about time! The city of Los Angeles just had its very first electric vehicle DC fast charger installed – an ECOtality Blink charger public station that can fill up a compatible EV to roughly 80 percent full in 30 minutes. It was unveiled last week in downtown L.A.'s Arts ...

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    Official: Revenge of the Electric Car now available on DVD and streaming

    Revenge of the Electric Car filmmaker Chris Paine's sequel to 2006's Who Killed the Electric Car? is now available on DVD and videostreaming. The film, which was released in theaters last fall, became available on Tuesday through retailers such as Wal-mart, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy and ...

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    Revenge of the Electric Car coming to DVD January 24

    If you missed out on seeing Revenge of the Electric Car in the theater or just want to watch Carlos Ghosn, Elon Musk and Bob Lutz push their respective companies to getting EVs out the door, mark your calendar for January 24th. That's when the DVD version of the movie hits, and it will offer repeat ...

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    Film Review: Revenge of the Electric Car

    If you've paid any sort of regular attention to websites like AutoblogGreen over the past four years, the movie Revenge of the Electric Car will feel awfully familiar. Many of the events in the film were written about at the time on these pages, so it's fair to say that none of our long-term ...

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    Video: Revenge of the Electric Car opens nationwide this weekend [w/animated video]

    After premiering earlier this year at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC, Chris Paine's follow-up to the movement-defining movie Who Killed The Electric Car? opens up nationwide this weekend. Well, The Revenge Of The Electric Car is starting screenings in select markets, anyway, and there are more ...

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    EVTV Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention to feature Chris Paine, racing

    Cape Girardeau is generally thought of – when it's thought of at all – as a modest Missouri town on a slow bend in the Mississippi river. For five days beginning September 21st however, it will become the center of the electric car conversion universe as Jack Rickard and his "compadre ...

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    Watch Revenge of the Electric Car in Central Park on July 12 for free [w/video]

    The sequel to Who Killed The Electric Car?, Revenge of the Electric Car, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City on April 22nd, but most of the general public has not had the chance to catch this flick. Luckily, that will change with the screening of Revenge of the Electric Car ...

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    Revenge of the Electric Car plugs in for widespread release this fall

    Revenge of the Electric Car got its official premiere this past Earth Day at the 2011 Tribeca International Film Festival but most of the country has not had the opportunity to see the movie. This is about to change. The filmmaking team announced today that Revenge will be shown across the U.S. ...

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    Earth Day gets its Revenge (of the Electric Car) in New York City

    The AutoblogGreen movie (we wish) sequel of sorts to Who Killed The Electric Car?, Revenge of the Electric Car, premieres tonight at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. We just spoke with a very busy Chris Paine, the film's director, earlier today – stop harassing him for tickets, ...

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    Revenge of the Electric Car will premiere on Earth Day (April 22) in NYC

    Those of you waiting to see "Revenge of the Electric Car," mark your calendars. The public premiere of the long-in-the-works sequel of sorts to the classic Who Killed The Electric Car? will take place at the Tribeca Film Festival on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2011 in New York City. Director Chris ...

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    The Revenge of the Electric Car trailer is here!

    Revenge of the Electric Car movie trailer – Click above to watch video after the jump
    It looks like at least 10,000 people want to see the preview for the new Revenge of the Electric Car movie. That was the number of "likes" the film's producers set for the RotEC Facebook page, and now that ...

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    Revenge of the Electric Car trailer will be released today. Or maybe later.

    Want to see the first moving images from "Revenge of the Electric Car"? You can mark your calendars for this occasion and the day to circle is ... who knows? Not even the film's producers could tell you when the trailer will be made public, because they've decided to leave that up to the fans. ...

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    SEMA 2010: Zero South Biodiesel Electric Hummer shows its guts

    Zero South Biodiesel Electric Hummer – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Zero South, a company that popped up at SEMA in 2008, is back again with its Biodiesel Electric Hummer. The heavily modified H1 rides on tracks at all four corners – a necessary modification, since this ...

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    Driving Sustainability: Chris Paine checks in via Skype, shows off "Revenge" clip

    It makes sense that filmmaker Chris Paine (of Who Killed The Electric Car? fame) would appear at the Driving Sustainability conference via online video. Paine appeared on a panel that discussed the benefits and challenges of transformative technologies. If any tech is transformative, electric ...

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    From Funerals to Births: Revenge film crew on hand for Chevy Volt production

    Early in 2006, director Chris Paine first screened his film Who Killed the Electric Car at the Sundance Film Festival and turned the media spotlight on General Motors and its decision to scrap the EV1 electric car. GM was, of course, well aware of the impending movie and at just around the same ...

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    Revenge of the Electric Car update: Indiana is ready for a close-up [w/video]

    Chris Paine on WISH TV – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Over the last year or three, we've seen filmmaker Chris Paine (he of "Who Killed The Electric Car?") around the country at all sorts of plug-in vehicle events getting footage for his upcoming sequel "The Revenge of the ...

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    Know who loves electric cars? Bill Nye the Science Guy

    During the Plug-in 2009 conference in Long Beach, California last week, the most passionate advocates for plugging in their cars came out in droves for the public night. Seems that once people get a taste of plugging in their car instead of sucking down fuel at the gas station, they really, ...

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    Almost 70 plug-in vehicles will take part in Inaugural Parade West

    When Plug In America first announced their "Inaugural Parade West: Plug In, America!" that's taking place in Santa Monica this weekend, they were hoping about 30 vehicles would take part. They underestimated interest. An update PIA sent out this week says that 68 vehicles are now confirmed to roll ...

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    Chris Paine gets pulled over in his new Tesla Roadster (it's not what you think)

    photo by M.Garfield
    Chris Paine has the best adventures. He had his somewhat niche documentary film Who Killed The Electric Car? turn into a national sensation and then he got stopped by the cops hours after getting his Tesla Roadster. Granted, those aren't exactly the same thing, but they both ...


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