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classic cars

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    Video: Meet ZelectricBug, the amazing '63 VW Bug converted to EV power

    No word a lie, we here at AutoblogGreen are fans of classic cars. What we are not fond of, however, is the pollution that their inefficient engines create, and so it's great to see our old favorites lovingly up-cycled with electric drivetrains. The ZelectricBug is a beautiful example of how new, ...

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    Exclusive: Concours d'Elegance of America gets first-ever EV display

    A concours d'elegance (French for "parade of elegance") is a high-zoot, high-buck display of mostly pristine historic and collectible automobiles, most of them unaffordable to most of us. Probably the best known such events in the US are the nose-in-the-air Pebble Beach Concours in Monterey, CA, ...

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    Neil Young's Lincvolt severly damaged in warehouse fire

    Multi-fuel turbine electric hybrid Lincvolt – Click above to watch video after the jump
    It's better to burn out Than it is to rust
    It's a tragedy of epic proportions. Neil Young's 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV convertible, which he has spent the past few years converting into a ...

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    Cash for Clunkers update: 25-year limit keeps clunkers on the road, Ford boosts Focus production

    We heard a while back that charities that rely on donated cars to fund their projects were some of the groups that helped implement the 18 mpg upper limit for passenger vehicles that qualify for C.A.R.S. (Cash for Clunkers). Turns out that the 25-year-old limit was also influenced by ...

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    Back in time: a gallery of BMW's electric car prototypes through the years

    Historic BMW Electric Vehicles - Click for high-res image gallery
    Although the closest thing you can get to an electric car at BMW these days is one with Start & Stop technology, a hybrid (in the near future) or, if you're lucky, the Mini E, BMW has a long history of developing electric cars. ...

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    A bit of history: Fiat 147, the first mass-produced ethanol car

    Today, ethanol is not the most favored solution to oil dependency, but it was not always so frowned upon. Here's a car that deserves a place in the history of ethanol's growth. A Brazilian friend of mine pointed to me to the first mass-produced ethanol car (with the exception of the Ford T): the ...


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