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    Video: Fisker CEO Tony Posawatz asks investors for patience, says new tech can take time

    Tony Posawatz, president and CEO of Fisker Automotive, recently made the case for how Fisker and other cleantech companies can find the right investors. Speaking at a conference in Santa Barbara, CA, Posawatz said new clean technologies take years to be adopted and investors should be ...

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    Report: Campaign adviser's tough job: Get Mitt Romney to support EVs

    If you're campaigning for Mitt Romney and believe in the electrification of transportation, you're kind of between a rock and a hard place. While Romney previously had supported electric and other non-petroleum vehicles, more recently, he's shifted his focus to freedom from foreign oil through ...

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    More arrests in biodiesel RIN fraud cases

    Alternative energy and cleantech have been a platform for political jabs and Congressional hearings in Washington over the past year – the Solyndra scandal, Chevrolet Volt post-crash-test battery fires, and Fisker Automotive's Department of Energy grant loan quickly come to mind. The latest ...

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    Tesla's Musk says capacitors "will supercede" batteries

    While speaking at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco, CA last week, Elon Musk, chief executive officer of Tesla, said he's willing to bet against batteries to be the technology that finally delivers the breakthrough that electric-drive vehicles need to become mainstream. Earth2Tech quotes Musk ...

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    Drive all you want? Roush CleanTech developing LPG-fueled Ford E-350 for Frito-Lay

    Back in October, motorsport legend Jack Roush brought his trackside experience to the alternative fuel industry by establishing a venture called Roush CleanTech. The alternative fuel firm focuses solely on developing propane-fueled vehicles, like the LPG-fed Ford E-350, a cutaway van that the ...

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    Roush establishes CleanTech; an engineering firm focused on advancing propane vehicles

    Motorsport legend Jack Roush is bringing his trackside experience to the alternative fuel industry with a newly established venture called Roush CleanTech. The venture will focus on developing and marketing propane-fueled vehicles to the world's automotive giants. CleanTech is actively ...

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    CleanTech Conference highlights electric vehicle innovation, policy and China

    When you bring together two universities known for their expertise in future transportation technologies and combine them with company leaders and pioneers in the green vehicle industry, you end up with a lot of knowledgeable people packed into a single room at an event called the Cleantech ...

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    Indiana will get $227 million waste to fuel plant

    CleanTech Group has announced brings use news about a partnership with between International Power Group and ForeverGreen to build a hazardous waste to energy plant in LaFontaine, Indiana. While most waste-to-energy facilities are focusing on municipal trash, this new plant will target medical, ...

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    Green investors have more options with WilderShares, Cleantech Group

    Interest in green technology continues to grow on Wall Street. WilderShares and the Cleantech Group have launched two new exchange-traded funds. WilderShares, which already manages two other clean-energy indices, has created a new index that focuses on technologies that make fossil fuels cleaner. ...


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