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    Report: CNN recreates infamous Tesla Model S drive with miles to spare, others to try this weekend [w/video]

    You knew this was coming, didn't you? Even more prisms through which to look at the failed (or is that "failed"?) Tesla Model S drive up the East Coast that The New York Times reported on last weekend. We're going to assume you know what's been happening with this, but if not, then you can get ...

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    Tonight, James Cameron attempts to terminate the oil and coal lobbies (on CNN)

    There were obvious eco-preservation overtones in the movie Avatar, but we didn't know James "King of the World" Cameron was such a fervent defender of the planet. With Pandora safe from mineral exploitation, Cameron is leading a charge here on Earth against what he considers a disinformation ...

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    VIDEO: CNN and MSNBC both feature gas-saving ability of Aptera

    The price of gas and the fuel efficiency claims of the Aptera have been attracting some cable news station attention. Both CNN and MSNBC have released new clips of the flightless wonder doing its lightweight and aerodynamic energy-efficient thing.The MSNBC report starts out with a focus on the ...

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    Video: first look at John Goodwin's diesel add-on kit

    NBC News got a look at mechanic John Goodwin's soon-to-be-released add-on kits for diesel cars in this video. The NBC video also takes a look under the hood of John's turbine, hybrid H3 that will get 60 MPG. That's not the only TV interview John has done recently. As promised, here is the article ...

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    Mitsubishi spokesman says there's no plan to sell electric cars in U.S.

    Last Monday, Sam pointed us to an Automotive News article reporting that Mitsubishi president Osamu Masuko announced that the automaker would begin selling electric cars in the U.S. However, in a request for comment, received an email response from Mitsubishi spokesman Dan Irvin saying ...

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    Insurance fraud, arson and SUVs. Welcome, once again, to $3-a-gallon gasoline

    There had to be a dark side, didn't there, to the way civilians react to high gas prices? While some auto shoppers have gone off to buy smaller, more efficient cars, other people – those who got suckered into thinking they could afford to drive an SUV – have found another way out: ...

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    So how are people dealing with increasing fuel prices?
    1145718360 put together a number of comments from its readers on how they are dealing with increasing gas prices. A few people make the case for diesels, others bought a scooter, and some people just stay home. The testimony from many of the readers shows how the increasing gas price is creating ...


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