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    Official: Despite coal's dominance, renewables making gains in US

    For electric vehicle drivers concerned about "dirty coal" taking away the environmental benefits of electrified transportation, we've found some good news. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has just released its annual report on sources of new energy capacity for domestic electric ...

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    Official: New EPA clean coal plant rules would cut CO2 emissions in half

    This summer, President Obama called for cleaner coal power plants and started what critics called the "War on Coal." Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made it official by proposing new pollution standards for new power plants under the Clean Air Act. The agency also announced it ...

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    Read This: Forbes columnist says Tesla Model S is a 'great coal car'

    Every party has a pooper, and in this case it appears to be Forbes columnist Alex Epstein. Amid near-universal praise for the Tesla Model S electric vehicle, Epstein attempts to pop that balloon by calling the Model S a "great coal car," pointing out that about two-thirds of the world's ...

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    President Obama calls for cleaner coal plants, which will make EVs cleaner

    We forget where we heard it first, but we've always liked the argument for plug-in vehicles that they are able to get cleaner over time. Whether it's through installing solar panels on your roof or taking advantage of Tesla's solar-powered Superchargers, with an EV it is possible to make the ...

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    Report: Beijing scrapping dirty, old clunkers to reduce "heavily polluted" air

    Air pollution in China's capital city is reaching sobering levels. The World Health Organization warns that levels for fine airborne particulates that pose the greatest health risks should go no higher than 25 for 24-hour exposure on the PM2.5 scale. On January 22, the official Beijing government ...

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    Study: UCS: no matter where you live, driving electric can save money, emissions

    It's easy to understand that, if you power your vehicle with electricity, you don't need to use as much gasoline. But, how much do you actually save, in terms of fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions if you plug in instead of gas up? A new report, released today by the Union of Concerned ...

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    Study: EVs in China create more pollutants than gas-powered cars

    The University of Tennessee has just come up with a theory about China electric vehicles that may have some believing that there was a little too much of the local whiskey involved in the process. According to a report released by the university, EVs in China are more environmentally harmful ...

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    Why alternative energy has a hard time: fossil fuels get 250 subsidies

    If you think ending the ethanol subsidy puts all fuel sources on an equal footing, think again. While there has been a great deal of vitriol directed toward subsidies for alternative energy and plug-in vehicles, very little has been heard about the ways in which fossil fuels are given a huge ...

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    Report: Nissan on coal-powered EVs being dirtier than gas cars: Bullsh*t

    Few electric vehicles are actually "zero emissions," but calculating the exact carbon footprint of an EV can be daunting. Not only do different utilities each use a different mix of coal, nuclear, hydro, wind, and solar, many areas also offer individuals the opportunity to buy "greener" power. ...

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    How gas cars use more electricity to go 100 miles than EVs do

    File this one under "ammunition for future debates." EVangelist Peder Norby, who has been having more fun driving and writing about his Mini E than anyone at BMW probably thought possible, recently wrote a most interesting post comparing electricity usage to produce gasoline to the electricity ...

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    Report: Solar energy could match coal's price by 2015 in China; globally by 2020

    A new report from the Chinese government notes that the cost of solar power in that country could drop below 0.80 yuan (12.5 cents) per kilowatt-hour by 2015. At that price, solar matches up favorably with the current go-to source for cheap energy, coal. How? Well, China already expects to ...

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    EPA Cross-State Air Pollution Rule will force some dirty coal plants to shut down

    Utility companies across the U.S. will shut down and retire aging coal-fired power plants following the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) announcement of the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAP). This rule is intended to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide at coal-fired ...

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    Study: Electric vehicles are way too dirty in China

    Operating an electric vehicle in China today emits more greenhouse gases than simply driving a gasoline-fueled equivalent, according to emissions expert Juerg Gruetter of Gruetter Consulting. The reason is that, despite the country's push to promote electric vehicles, China's power grid is so ...

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    Massive shutdown of U.S. coal plants expected within 5 to 8 years

    Back in December of 2009, Sustainable Business reported that no new coal-fired power plants were erected that year. In fact, SB indicated that 26 coal plant proposals had been either "defeated or abandoned." Well, it appears that the trend to shift away from coal power will continue. Late last ...

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    Report: Peak coal could happen by 2011... if we don't start any more mines!

    Whenever you see a study (or survey), the first thing you need to do before drawing any conclusions about said study's (or survey's) conclusions is to determine what question was asked. For example, a newly completed study found that "peak coal" could occur as soon as 2011. We've been hearing ...

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    Greenpeace opposed to nuclear and coal powered electric vehicles

    2011 Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    You might think that Greenpeace would love the idea of electric cars, but you'd be sadly mistaken. Greenpeace Germany's Wolfgang Lohbeck spoke at last week's "The New Automobile" conference and focused on the "remote tailpipe" ...

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    No new U.S. coal plants in 2009; does this mean a cleaner future for electric cars?

    Electric vehicles moving on electrons generated from coal are cleaner than gasoline-powered vehicles, but those coal plants are still pretty dirty. Not everyone is in favor of coal-powered EVs, but it's hard to argue against shifting power generation from coal to renewable resources. Thankfully, ...

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    ETA says plug-in cars could "speed climate change" unless we get off coal

    Think that plugging in your vehicle will protect the earth? Sure, this was the message that EPRI and the NRDC sent following a 2008 study that found that, if 60 percent of the U.S. fleet of light vehicles converted to plug-ins by 2050, CO2 emissions would drop by 450 million metric tons annually ...

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    It's not clean and certainly not green - it's a coal-powered Caddy

    The legacy of experimentation with alternative fuels to gasoline is nothing new. It started back in the earliest days of the car in the late 19th century. Alternatives to piston engines are also not new, although none but the Wankel rotary have had any notable commercial success. Starting back in ...

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    McCain's energy plan: let the market decide

    Now that John McCain has been officially enthroned as the Republican party's choice for the window seat in the Oval Office, it's time to look at his proposals for how to deal with this country's seemingly insatiable thirst for energy. As expected, the focus of McCain's plan is to let the market ...


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