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    Report: Tesla gigafactory will source materials from North America to keep things green

    It's one thing for the Big 3 to get tires and engine parts from cities along the US Rust Belt. It's another thing altogether, though, for Tesla Motors to source far more esoteric materials like graphite, cobalt and lithium from Canada and the northern US. But that's what the California-based ...

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    Report: Li-ion battery prices still headed way, way down, to $180/kWh by 2020

    "Tonight, we're gonna party like it's 2020" doesn't quite have the same ring to it, but if Navigant Research is correct, electric-vehicle advocates will have reasons to be celebratory, whether Prince is playing or not. The research company formerly known as Pike is saying that lithium-ion battery ...

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    Study: EPA looks into negative environmental, health effects of li-ion EV batteries

    Hybrid and plug-in vehicle drivers overly satisfied with what they think is their great effect on the environment may want to get a look at a recent and quite long report released by the US Environmental Protection Agency (written by Abt Associates) about the overall effects of lithium-ion ...

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    How using cobalt catalysts could lead to cheaper hydrogen

    Water oxidation is essential for extracting hydrogen from H2O using sunlight. Back in 2010, Emory University researchers, led by Craig Hill, discovered a homogeneous catalyst for oxidizing water, which could lead to replicating photosynthesis, but more efficiently and in a controllable way. ...

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    Cobalt Technologies gets $25m to increase biobutanol production

    When thinking of biofuels, the usual suspects that pop up first are probably ethanol and biodiesel. That's not to say, though, that these two are the only biofuels. There's another non-petroleum fuel that could replace displace gasoline: biobutanol. There are proponents for biobutanol who claim ...

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    More XFE models in GM's pipeline?

    Back in April, we applauded General Motors and its decision to eke some more fuel economy from its high-volume compact car, the Chevrolet Cobalt. Along with the 9-percent increase in fuel mileage, the new model got a shiny new XFE (eXtra Fuel Economy) badge in the process. Pontiac is now offering ...

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    McCain in favor of national CO2 limits

    U.S. Presidential hopeful John McCain says he opposes the notion that individual states should be able to set their own carbon dioxide emissions regulations. Still, it sounds as if automakers could be in for a shocker if the Republican were to be elected, as he says, "My goal would be to see a ...

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    New Chevy compact to be built alongside Cobalt starting in 2009

    In recent weeks, we've seen several spy photos of a new small Chevrolet sedan that we've all been assuming would be the replacement for the Cobalt. It now appears that the Cobalt may stay with us for a while with the newcomer being built alongside it. The car built off the next generation Delta or ...

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    Cobalt XFE (extra fuel economy) gets 36 mpg

    Faced with increasing CAFE standards in the coming years, Chevy has tweaked the mildly interesting Cobalt models (coupe and sedan) to get better fuel economy. The XFE versions - that stands for extra fuel economy - get an EPA estimated 36 mpg which is between three and five miles per gallon better ...


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