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    Official: Coda's first sales of electric Sedan will probably take place in San Diego

    It's been a long time coming, but the $39,900 Coda Sedan will soon finally be available, and the place where it will be sold first, most likely, is the long-standing Marvin K. Brown Auto Center in San Diego. In a statement, the Chairman and CEO of the dealership, David Grundstrom, was quite ...

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    Is the Coda Sedan a Trojan horse sent by communist China to destroy America?

    The greatest threat to America's automotive industry of all time has been hiding in plain sight. For years we've been watching Coda and its signature Sedan as it grew from an announcement by Miles Automotive in 2006 into its own stand-alone brand. The company has made breakthroughs and suffered ...

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    Forbes says Coda is "One of America's Most Promising Companies"

    Here are two indisputable facts: Writers for Forbes magazine have been known to seriously disparage electric vehicles. Coda Holdings, the company behind the soon-to-arrive-but-also-seriously-delayed all-electric Coda Sedan, has had its share of problems getting the car to market. Thus, ...

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    Coda partners with GE Wattstation on Level 2 charging station

    A Level 2 home charging solution is a critical bit of kit for any electric vehicle manufacturer. GM offers the Voltec home charger to pair with the Chevy Volt. Nissan offers the somewhat pricey AeroVironment charging station for the Nissan Leaf. And Coda has signed on General Electric to provide ...

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    Los Angeles: Coda announces "price drop," starts production of all-electric Sedan with larger battery

    Coda may not have a new model to show off at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show, but the company can still make news with a price drop. Or with something that is a price drop in all but name. In September 2010, Coda said its all-electric Sedan would cost $44,900. Today, that was refined downward to ...

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    Quick Spin: 2012 Coda Sedan

    A Chinese EV From California's Newest Automaker "Simple." The word floated around the room and landed gently on our notepad during the morning press conference. Initially, it seemed like a perfect fit. But the more we learned about the new all-electric 2012 Coda sedan, the more we realized that ...

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    Coda wraps up $147 million Series D investment round

    The car still isn't here, but the money keeps coming in. Coda Automotive, the Los Angeles-based firm responsible for the oft-delayed $44,900 Coda Sedan, has announced the successful completion of its Series D investment round. The automaker secured $147 million in funds, exceeding its initial ...

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    Report: Coda teams with Amports to open final assembly site in California

    Officials from Amports and startup Coda Automotive have struck a deal to open a final assembly facility for the electric Coda Sedan in Benicia, CA. Coda says the Benicia site will generate 50 jobs and, perhaps more importantly to the company, between 10,000 and 14,000 Coda Sedans are expected to ...

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    Coda opens first Experience Center in CA, includes electric vehicle bar

    Electric vehicles aren't a common sight in most U.S. cities. Understandably, then, for most consumers, EVs remain a far-off vision of the future. Startup Coda Automotive realizes this dilemma and is attempting to make electric vehicles more accessible to Average Jane and Joe Sixpacks with the ...

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    Report: Coda Automotive raises nearly $40 million

    Coda Sedan – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Coda Automotive, the Los Angeles-based firm responsible for the oft-delayed $44,900 Coda Sedan, has reportedly raised nearly $40 million in additional funds in the past couple of months. According to the automaker's recent U.S. ...

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    Coda names Thomas Hausch as senior VP of marketing and sales

    After countless delays, the Coda Sedan is scheduled to launch in the U.S. in the fourth quarter of 2011. So, now's the time for Coda Automotive to gear up for sales of the electric four-door, right? Let's hope that Thomas Hausch is up to the job, as he was just named to the automaker's newly ...

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    Coda teams with Great Wall Motors to develop electric vehicles for global distribution

    Coda Automotive, the California-based developer of lithium-ion battery systems and maker of the Coda Sedan, has inked a deal to develop electric vehicles with China's Great Wall Motor for distribution across the globe. The partnership calls for Coda's purpose-built lithium iron phosphate battery ...

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    Coda sticking with late 2011 launch of electric Sedan

    While speaking at the 2011 Automotive News China Conference back in April, Phil Murtaugh, chief executive officer of Coda Automotive, announced that Coda's electric Sedan would launch in the U.S. in the "late fourth quarter" of 2011. Of course, "late fourth quarter" deliveries represented ...

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    Former Fisker engineer Thomas Fritz joins Coda

    Coda Holdings, developer of lithium-ion battery systems and the oft-delayed electric Coda Sedan, announced that Thomas Fritz has joined the company as its senior vice president of engineering. If the name Thomas Fritz sounds familiar, that's because Fritz's extensive experience in automotive ...

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    Coda pushes back launch of electric Sedan to "late fourth quarter" of 2011

    While speaking at the 2011 Automotive News China Conference, Phil Murtaugh, chief executive officer of Coda Automotive, said that Coda's electric Sedan is on track to launch in the U.S. in the fourth quarter of 2011. According to Plugin Cars, Murtaugh's actual words poured out like this:


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    More on the challenge of today's trailblazing electric vehicle start-ups

    As fitting as it may seem to compare the birth of automakers a hundred years ago to the current sprouting of entrepreneurial automakers selling electric vehicles, Jesse Snyder of Automotive News points out that it's not quite comparing apples to apples. For one, the very first vehicles were ...

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    Coda seeking $50 million to finish electric Sedan

    Coda Holdings, the company behind the battery-powered Coda Sedan, is still seeking an additional $50 million to "finish the car," according to Christopher Rose, the firm's senior vice president for corporate development. Back in January, regulatory filings indicated that Coda had raised $76 ...

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    Hertz rents first Chevy Volt to...

    Late last year, Hertz announced its by-the-hour plug-in car rental program. The list of available (or soon-to-be-available) vehicles is exhaustive and includes the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Tesla Roadster, Smart ED and Coda Sedan. The first of the plug-ins hit Hertz' New ...

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    Coda appoints former GM exec Philip Murtaugh as CEO

    Coda Sedan – Click above for high-res image gallery
    In early November, Coda Automotive's now-former chief executive officer, Kevin Czinger, announced his resignation. In the interim, Coda's board co-chairman and former Goldman Sachs executive, Steven "Mac" Heller, assumed the ...

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    Coda Sedan now $76 million closer to reality with Series D investment *UPDATE

    Coda Sedan – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Coda Holdings, the company behind the all-electric Coda Sedan, announced today that is has raised another $76 million. The money was raised in a Series D referred investment round, which has now closed, and brings Coda's total invested ...


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