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    Report: Norwegian winter proving too much for some Tesla charging cables

    Polar vortex 1, Tesla Model S 0? Possibly. Norway is certainly a long way from the sunny California climes where the luxury electric vehicle is made and, while the cars are popular in that country, the country's cold weather is creating problems for car owners, the Norwegian website News in ...

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    Official: How EV savings rise as temperature falls

    The Polar Vortex has created a bit of a mathematical optical illusion when comparing the effect of cold weather on gas-powered cars and electric vehicles. Cold weather reduces EV range by a greater percentage than it reduces gasoline fuel economy, but because EVs cost so much less to "fuel," the ...

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    Official: Renault says Zoe performance changes 'almost unnoticeable' in cold weather

    Here's something that should warm the hearts of electric-vehicle enthusiasts in cold-weather climes. Renault ran tests of its battery-electric Zoe in way-sub-freezing temperatures in Finland and found that the EV compromised little in the way of performance, the French automaker said recently on ...

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    Biodiesel standard tests begin in Canada

    With the Canadian government set to introduce their renewable fuels strategy, biodiesel blend testing is set to begin in early 2007 with the Alberta Biodiesel Demonstration Project. Multiple interested parties who support the initiative, including members of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association ...

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    Biodiesel performance freeze

    The School Division of Gloucester County, Virginia has temporarily suspended the use of biodiesel fuel in their bus fleet after clogged fuel filters started causing the buses to stall during recent cold weather.Temperatures in the 20s (below zero Celsius), caused four buses to stall in a single day ...


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