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    Official: EV Explorer lets you discover your plug-in commuting costs

    Shopping for cars is exciting, but daunting, especially when trying to calculate cost of ownership. And if you commute to work, you want to know what you'll be spending to get there and back. If you want to compare electric cars to gasoline-powered options, this can all get pretty confusing. ...

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    Study: Peak Car is so 2004, now get on your bike and ride

    So, the US metropolitan areas with the largest percentage jump in commuters that bike to work are Portland, Madison, San Francisco and Denver. Now that we've gotten the "no duh" portion of the US Public Interest Research Group's (PIRG) recent study on urban driving habits out of the way, we can ...

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    Battle of the Commuters: EVs take on gasoline and the rails

    What is the best tool for commuting: a Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, Toyota Prius, Ford Focus or a commuter train? The team at decided to put all five to the test in a recent comparison. Starting out at the Chicago headquarters, the team embarked on a 64.5-mile loop to see what ...

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    AAA lists top picks for commuters, fuel sippers take the lead

    Click above for high-res gallery of AAA's Top Commuter Car Picks
    The American Automobile Association of America (AAA) has revealed its top picks in commuter vehicles, with an eyebrow-raising potluck of conveyances from which to choose. Judged on "practicality, safety, comfort, fuel efficiency and ...

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    Infographic: eight cities and their commuting patterns

    Whether this graphic makes seeing the commuting pattern of eight major U.S. cities easier to understand or clear as mud might be a personal choice. We happen to think it's quite clever, and you can see the larger version here. Basically, the city names are color-coded to show the distribution ...

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    BMW gets back into the leaning trike thing with SIMPLE concept [w/VIDEO]

    BMW SIMPLE concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    BMW has been rumored as of late to be pursuing everything from a so-called "0 Series" range of cars to a revival of its Isetta microcar brand, but the Bavarian automaker remains essentially mum on plans to diversify into the ...

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    Four-day workweek becoming more common in U.S.

    Photo by Yandle. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.Some jobs easily lend themselves to telecommuting. Office work, for one, is easily done from home, as is any job that requires nothing but a phone. Oh, and that bizarre blogging thing. But custodial work? You might not be able to mop the ...

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    Pennsylvania commuters can win free gas for carpooling and taking the bus

    Pennsylvanians who want to take one of the easiest possible steps to reduce vehicle emissions, congestion and fuel use (I'm talking about carpooling here) are getting a push from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The PA DEP's is promoting a summer-long "Share the Ride ...

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    Editorial: Why must motorcycles continue to get bigger and bigger?

    There were many reader responses on our editorial regarding the ever-expanding volume of the automobile in America, so why not extend the same questions to motorcycles? Way back in March we featured an article which highlighted the fact that technology is trickling down to motorcycles from cars. ...

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    US Census Bureau: Still Driving Like its 1999

    The US Census issued a report about our real American commuting behavior in recent times. Gasoline prices may be high and concern about global warming may be growing, but on the whole, "Green Thinking" is just that, thinking. Eighty-eight percent of people who go to work still drive to work. That ...


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