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    Report: Thieves stealing copper from EV charging stations in Vancouver

    In Europe, most EV charging stations don't have a wire permanently attached. Unlike North America, European EV drivers need to carry a cable around with them. This is a bit of a hassle, but it's far easier than pulling up to an EVSE and finding the cable simply cut out. That's what's happening to ...

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    Official: Ohio State discovery reveals flaw that may shorten lithium-ion battery life

    Just because winter break is coming up for many students doesn't mean it's a bad time for a chemistry lesson. This one comes courtesy of Ohio State University and poses new questions about the functional lifetime of a typical lithium-ion battery as used in a hybrid or battery electric vehicle. A ...

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    Official: Stanford envisions 'all-electric highway' that charges EVs as they go

    Readers of a certain age may remember the 1982 hit "Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant. Now, Stanford University is putting its own spin on the concept. The school says it's developing a technology that would allow electric-drive vehicles to be recharged as they're being driven down the road. The ...

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    Oshkosk Using Copper Motor Rotor Technology For Military

    Oshkosh is using motors with die-cast copper rotors in its ProPulse series hybrid drive system, which is used in the Army's heavy cargo-hauling HEMTT (Heavy Expandable Mobility Technical Truck). Motors using this technology cost less to manufacture, last longer, operate more efficiently, and save ...


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