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corn ethanol

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    Slate: Worst part of oil spill could be return of Big Ethanol

    The BP oil spill has reminded us that whether we love ethanol or hate it, it's still loads better than crude oil. Or at least that's what the corn ethanol lobbies would have us believe, according to Slate. With ethanol plants closing left and right, about 1.4 billion gallons of additional ...

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    Why corn ethanol is like chewing tobacco

    Writing over at The Big Money, Dan Mitchell has coined a great new way for people who don't think corn-based ethanol is a good idea to express their dislike:

    calling corn ethanol a superior alternative is like saying it's better to chew tobacco than it is to smoke cigarettes-marginally true, ...

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    USDA's Renewable Fuels Standard "roadmap" expects 7.9 billion gallons of non-corn biofuel by 2022

    The U.S. Renewable Fuels Standards (RFS2) becomes effective Thursday, July 1 and it describes a whole lot of changes for the biofuels industry in the U.S in the coming decade or so. To prepare for the changes and to figure out just what's even possible, the USDA issued a "Regional Roadmap to ...

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    RFA says the EPA delaying E15 decision is "a dereliction of duty"

    Following news that the EPA has once again not made a decision about increasing the ethanol content of gasoline sold in the nation's pumps, the ethanol industry is kind of peeved. The Renewable Fuels Association has issued a press release lashing out at the Environmental Protection Agency for ...

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    Corn ethanol subsidies getting the pro/con debate in Kansas

    The debate over corn ethanol, and the federal government's strong support for the biofuel, is being debated across the U.S. Everything from the potential cost for damaged fuel systems to the possible Federal push for E15 is in the news. The discussion has even hit deep into corn country, where the ...

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    50 gallons per mile?!? That's the water cost of corn-based ethanol

    The nail in the coffin of corn-based ethanol might be made of water. The magazine Environmental Science & Technology has published an article that pegs the amount of water needed to make enough corn ethanol to move a vehicle one mile at 50 gallons. That's pretty high. ES&T calculated the ...

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    Antibiotics pose concern for ethanol producers

    There are a lot of reasons why corn-based ethanol may not be best biofuel available to ween ourselves off of petroleum, most of which have been well covered on this site. Today, we came across one that we were previously unaware of, and, interestingly enough, it has to do with bacteria and ...

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    Study: modern ethanol plants are A-OK for this one land use issue

    Conflicting study overload. That's the only way to explain all the messages that we're getting regarding biofuels recently. They speed up global warming. Ethanol is no better than gasoline. You know what I mean. Here's another one, courtesy of the totally non-biased Illinois Corn Growers ...

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    University of Minnesota: Ethanol no better than gas

    The University of Minnesota has released a study on the benefits of three types of fuels: gasoline, corn-based ethanol and cellulosic ethanol. The conclusion was what most readers know: corn-based ethanol doesn't have that many benefits. Corn still needs tractors to be harvested, and some kind of ...

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    U.S. ethanol production down by 21 percent

    Bad news for ethanol lovers. One of the most important ethanol producers in the U.S., ADM, has announced that U.S. production of ethanol was down by 21 percent, from some 12.9 million gallons in mid-late 2008 to 10.2 million right now. The market was up when oil prices were high, plants were built ...

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    How Brazil created the international ethanol boom

    Photo by petrr. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.
    Maybe Americans need to be pointing our fingers south at Brazil for making us spend so much money on ethanol. The William & Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review has just published an article that delves into how the South ...

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    Who wins federal dollars race? Ethanol does, by a long shot

    Undeterred by the fact that ethanol is the worst type or alternative energy, the federal government is in love with corn ethanol, perhaps a bit too much. Over the years, the American farm lobby has worked and worked to get subsidies for corn growers and, more recently, ethanol producers. The ...

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    Ethanol turns out to be the worst type of renewable energy

    Photo by veganstraightedge. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.
    Maybe it's good that the US will not meet its self-imposed ethanol mandate for 2022. According to a new study by Mark Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford, ethanol - whether derived from ...

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    State of the ethanol nation will be solid, but it's tough now

    Photo by Hummanna. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.
    As we've seen, the corn ethanol industry has taken a huge hit recently, so we decided it was worth it to take a look at the overall ethanol market, corn and otherwise. A good place to start is a new report by Global Industry Analysts, ...

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    3 out of 4 Americans say: let's go for renewable fuels

    According to a recent survey made by Renewable Fuels Now, 74 percent of Americans say that the US should increase domestic production of renewable fuels, including ethanol. The poll also mentions that Americans support the idea of the Federal Government helping develop the biofuel industry (87 ...

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    Biofuels adding to destruction of Brazilian cerrado

    We've heard plenty about how biodiesel feedstock from palm plantations in SE Asia contributes to forest devastation there, but the cry from Brazil has not been nearly as loud. Of course, that country's biofuel industry also has an impact on the natural landscape, as this article explains. Rhett ...

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    Raising voices about corn ethanol

    Food & Water Watch, the Network for Energy Choices and the Institute for Energy and the Environment at Vermont Law School are on the quest of creating a report called "The Rush to Ethanol: Not all BioFuels are created equal". They affirm that, "ethanol is no silver bullet solution for fossil ...

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    More on the coming American ethanol glut

    As we wrote recently, America is about to be flooded with ethanol. This "flood" certainly won't be enough to supplant all of our oil imports, but it will be large enough to make ethanol plants less profitable and therefore changing the equation for a lot of producers and buyers. The LA Times ...

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    Iowa State University researchers say corn ethanol not profitable after 2008

    All the money rolling into the ethanol/corn industries may come to a screeching halt in a year or two, say researchers at Iowa State University. Inside Green Tech spoke to Bruce Babcock, economist and director of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development at ISU, who say that, "We think the ...

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    Hale group announces ethanol 2012 study

    The Hale Group, Ltd. and its affiliates have announced the Ethanol 2012 Study. This report is designed to define the forces that will impact the U.S. ethanol industry during the next five years and to develop appropriate competitive strategies. The study will have as collaborators experts in ...


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