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    Official: ChargePoint suggests five ways to prevent charge rage

    Plug-in vehicle drivers may be associated with the oh-so-warm and fuzzy and peaceful green movement, but there's apparently some static being caused at offices with on-site vehicle chargers and the frustration that happens when all the chargers are in use. Enough so that someone coined a new ...

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    Official: ChargePoint now offering financing for business charging stations

    Anyone not satisfied with merely having a mortgage and a car payment, now you can have a payment plan on your plug-in vehicle charging station, too. Granted, this is more for business owners looking to provide publicly available charging stations, but ChargePoint (née Coulomb Technologies) ...

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    Official: ChargePoint distributor offers as much as $2,200 for Blink charging station switchers

    One distributor of ChargePoint electric-vehicle charging stations is making an offer some owners of Ecotality's Blink stations may not be able to refuse. National Car Charging will offer dual-port Blink station owners a $2,200 trade-in credit for ChargePoint's new CT400 station and a $1,200 ...

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    Official: ChargePoint debuts multiple-port EV charging station

    Electric-vehicle charging-station maker ChargePoint continues to edge its way closer to the gas-station model with its debut of the CT4000 model, which the company says can serve multiple vehicles working off of a single circuit. ChargePoint, formerly known as Coulomb Technologies, says its new ...

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    Official: BMW i ventures invests in Coulomb; ChargePoint 4.0 coming soon

    Like patrons at the end of a long night, automakers and charging companies can sometimes be seen leaving the bar arm in arm. Coda with Mr. Electric. Holden with Better Place. Nissan with GE. Smart USA with Coulomb. Toyota with Leviton. BMW with AeroVironment. But this is a vibrant scene, and ...

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    EVS: Coulomb readying San Francisco with 100 stations, finds "museum tour of electricity"

    Coulomb Technologies' big news at EVS26 was a collaboration with Fuji Electric Corporation of America to add Fuji's 25-kW DC Quick Charging Stations into the ChargePoint Network. In fact, the very first such charger on the network was sitting there in the booth, and actual deployment in the U.S. ...

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    Official: Coulomb has shipped more than 2,400 plug-in vehicle charging stations throughout U.S.

    Coulomb Technologies, which in 2010 set out to install 4,500 electric-vehicle charging stations throughout 10 U.S. regions as part of a U.S. Department of Energy Department (DOE) plan, has shipped more than 2,400 public and commercial stations and is finalizing the installation of the commercial ...

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    Official: Pennsylvania turnpike plazas will all get DC fast charging stations for EVs

    Ready to take your all-electric car on a road trip? If you're headed along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, 2013 might just be your year. The plan is to install EV charging stations in all 17 of the service plazas along the highway by June 30 of that year. Each plaza will get one Level 2 charging ...

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    350Green, Coulomb team to install 400-plus charging stations across U.S.

    Plug-in vehicle charging stations are still a bit of a rarity here in the United States and, while 400 additional chargers won't make for a nation that's blanketed with the technology, we'll certainly take all the charging points we can get. 350Green is teaming up with Coulomb Technologies to ...

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    Accusations of "another Solyndra" pull the plug on new vehicle chargers in small town

    With a population of around 14,000, Mill Valley, CA is too big to be called a one-horse town. The real question is whether it will become a two-EV charging station town. That question that was up for consideration at the September meeting of the Mill Valley town council. The city's planning ...

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    Why Florida's 70-plus charging stations are virtually useless

    Residents of Florida now have even more incentive to ditch their gasoline-burning vehicles in favor of an electric automobile. In the past year, Florida has become a plug-in vehicle hot spot. Well, sort of. There's a chicken and egg issue going on. Finding a place to plug-in an electric vehicle in ...

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    Coulomb Technologies to electrify Boston with install of 150 charging stations

    Despite the fact that BMW selected AeroVironment (AV) as its "preferred provider" of electric vehicle charging equipment, accessories and installation services for its Active E, the German automaker has teamed with Coulomb Technologies, not AV, to jointly announce that "drivers of the forthcoming ...

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    Coulomb Technologies reveals pair of dual-port Level 2 charging stations

    Showcased during the Plug-in 2011 Conference, Coulomb Technologies has revealed two of its latest additions to its ChargePoint networked charging station lineup. Both chargers – dual-port Level 2 models based on Coulomb's CT2020 – provide two 7.2-kilowatt ports and have been ...

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    Plug-In 2011: Coulomb working with TomTom to let EV drivers find charging stations

    At the Plug-In 2011 Conference in Raleigh, NC, last week, Coulomb Technologies announced it will partner with TomTom to provide tools to help EV drivers locate charging stations. Some manufacturers have built brand-specific charging point location into the navigation systems included on their ...

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    Coulomb launches ChargePoint Android app

    Coulomb Technologies has launched its ChargePoint app for Android users. Available to download for free, the ChargePoint app allows plug-in vehicle owners to monitor the real-time status of nearby charging stations and to reserve a plug-in point prior to arrival. Richard Lowenthal, founder of ...

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    Pike says Coulomb Technologies is best EVSE vendor, ECOtality in 2nd place

    According to the latest Pike Pulse report, two electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) companies stand out among the competition in strategy and execution: Coulomb Technologies and Ecotality, with one above the other. The "Pike Pulse Report: Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment" evaluated 10 ...

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    To celebrate Earth Day, Coulomb giving away free ChargePass cards

    In honor of Earth Day 2011, Coulomb Technologies has announced that it will send free ChargePass cards to plug-in vehicle owners through the end of April 2011, waving the usual sign-up fee. According to Coulomb, by creating a ChargePass account and activating the free card, plug-in vehicle drivers ...

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    Coulomb Technologies names Pasquale Romano CEO

    Coulomb Technologies has announced the appointment of Pasquale 'Pat' Romano to the positions of president and chief executive officer of the company. Coulomb's now-former CEO and company co-founder, Richard Lowenthal, will assume the role of chief technical officer and handle the company's ...

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    Chevrolet dealers installing hundreds of Coulomb chargers for Volts

    Chevrolet dealerships across the nation will begin installing Coulomb Technologies' Level II ChargePoint charging stations. This move is aimed at providing a means for buyers of the 2011 Chevy Volt, a plug-in hybrid that is shipping from General Motors' Detroit-Hamtrack assembly plant, to charge up ...

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    Hire Electric installs Washington's largest solar-powered charging station

    Hire Electric's solar charging station in Richland, WA
    Earlier this week, General Motors provided a video tour of its recently installed solar-powered charging station at its Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant, the birthplace of the 2011 Chevrolet Volt. Though GM's 18.2 kW solar array is certainly ...


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