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countdown to earth day

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    Countdown to Earth Day: What does it mean to be green?

    The word "green" in the transport context has been tossed around quite a bit over the years and has garnered for itself a host of connotations, some of them negative. There are people who might conjure up images of unwashed hippies in a 30 year-old biodiesel rust bucket when they think of green ...

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    Countdown to Earth Day: Regenerative braking 102

    When is regenerative braking not regenerative braking? Pretty much all the time, it turns out. Take the Toyota Prius, which has what's called blended braking, which implies that both the friction brake (which all standard cars use to slow down) and the motor work together to reduce speed. In ...

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    Countdown to Earth Day: How weight affects a vehicle's fuel efficiency

    Over the past 20 odd years, the curb weight of most vehicles sold in the U.S. has steadily increased. The latest trend, though, has automakers scrambling to trim excess pounds from vehicles. Why? Because every ounce removed from a vehicle not only improves its performance, but also boosts its ...

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    Countdown to Earth Day: How to charge your electric car when you live in an apartment

    Nowhere in the picture above do we see an easy place to charge an electric car, do we? The challenge of powering up plug-in vehicle in a densely populated urban environment is something that has been an issue in the EV scene for a while (and something we've covered a lot in the past), and it is ...

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    Countdown to Earth Day: Need tires? Save fuel with low-rolling resistance tires

    Let's say that your vehicle's tires are nearing the end of their useful life. Looks like you're in need of standard replacement tires then, right? Well, instead of opting for a conventional tire you could save fuel by picking up a set of low-rolling resistance tires. Low-rolling resistance tires ...

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    Countdown to Earth Day: kW = electric motor output; kWh = battery pack capacity

    Chevrolet Volt battery pack
    Understanding electric and plug-in vehicles requires a basic knowledge of the mechanics that make them move. Obviously, these two types of advanced vehicles have components (i.e. electric motors and massive battery packs) that more conventional gasoline- and ...

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    Countdown to Earth Day: Wanna save gas? Here's how!

    Everybody wants to save gas, right? Well, if you're one of the countless drivers looking to slash your fuel consumption, then you've come to the right place 'cause we've got some tips that should boost your vehicles miles per gallon. Avoid aggressive driving (i.e.speeding, rapid acceleration and ...

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    Countdown to Earth Day: What's up with this ethanol in gasoline?

    When gassing up your vehicle, you've likely noticed a sticker on the pump that reads "this fuel may contain up to ten percent ethanol" or something similar. Have you ever asked yourself, "what's up with this ethanol in gasoline?" Well, get ready 'cause we've dug up an answer. Way back in 1992, ...

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    Countdown to Earth Day: PHEV? BEV? E85? What's with all the acronyms?

    Deciphering the meaning of automotive acronyms can be complicated. To alleviate confusion, we've compiled this condensed list of some acronyms associated with the types of vehicles that you'll encounter when perusing the AutoblogGreen site: BEV – Battery electric vehicle. A vehicle that ...

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    Countdown to Earth Day: Keeping tires properly inflated improves gas mileage by 3.3%

    Keep your tires properly inflated. That's what the Environmental Protection Agency keeps telling us. Did you know that under-inflated tires require more energy to roll? This not only wastes fuel, but wears tires out more quickly, eventually requiring costly replacements. Furthermore, ...

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    Countdown to Earth Day: Here's why your vehicle's gas mileage drops in cold weather

    Driving in the dead of winter is harsh on a vehicle, and many of you have undoubtedly noticed that your fuel economy suffers as temps dip. In practice, gas mileage drops approximately 10 percent when temps go from cozy (60-80 degrees Fahrenheit) to bitter cold (less than 32 degrees Fahrenheit). ...

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    Countdown to Earth Day: What to consider when buying a green car

    They may not be dominating American roads (or any roads in the world, except for slot-car race tracks), but new electric vehicles are adding one more option to a growing list of potential "green" vehicles on every car buyer's shopping list. Like changing your incandescent light bulb for a compact ...


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