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    No BS: Cow-sourced methane power in California

    Photo by foxypar4. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.Biodiesel made from pigs. Using methane to make gas. Getting hydrogen from cow plop. Using waste, some from animals, to generate power is not a new idea. In California, though, methane captured from cow manure is being used to created ...

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    Ohio State University: fuel cells use cow-power. Or, puke for power?

    Let's just get this out of the way first. EWWWWW (not ewe)! OK, done. I'm not entirely sure what "rumen fluid" is, but I already don't like the sound of it. Apparently, it is fluid from the largest chamber of a cow stomach. Reseachers at Ohio State are using the "microbe-rich" fluid, which is ...

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    Researchers search for a methane-reducing cow diet to fight global warming

    According to Michael Abberton, a scientist at the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research in the U.K., "there are approaches within plant breeding that can lead to reduced emissions." How is that, you might be wondering? Are we talking about a new plant-based fuel source? Not exactly, at ...

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    Vegans driving Hummers: Greener than a meat eating Prius owner?

    We don't have much history covering the debate between being a vegetarian versus eating meat, and for good reason: we are first and foremost an automotive blog. From time to time, we do branch off and cover other green issues, as we believe that our readership is broad and enjoys those occasional ...


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