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    Official: Lead-acid mild hybrid demonstration vehicle boosts fuel economy, not costs

    A consortium proposing the use of a lead-acid battery as a cheaper, more effective alternative to vehicle hybridization is showing off its Volkswagen Passat demonstration vehicle in Austria this week. The Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC), along with Controlled Power Technologies ...

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    CPT introduces new belt-driven Integrated Starter Generator

    British company Controlled Power Technologies (CPT) has announced the development of a belt-driven Integrated Starter Generator (B-ISG) that provides stop-start functionality. CPT claims that it suited for both gasoline and diesel engines, up to 3 and 2.5 liters respectively. CPT's SpeedStart ...

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    Controlled Power Technologies says electric supercharger is ready

    Controlled Power Technology's Variable Torque Enhancement System (VTES) is currently being shown off in Stuttgart, Germany. According to Guy Morris, engineering director and chief technical officer, "From an idea first conceived in the year 2000, this technology has been progressively developed to ...


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