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    ABG reader sends in Colorado Current electric car update

    So, earlier this week we looked into a tip we got about an all-electric car called the Current. The website for the car left a little to be desired, and it looked like maybe another tale of someone promising just a little more than they can deliver. Well, AutoblogGreen reader Brian from Colorado, ...

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    How not to impress us: the Colorado Current EV

    Click above for a gallery of the Current
    Here's an email that came into the AutoblogGreen mailbox from reader CW the other day: "Ive seen a lot of your articles on here about different electric cars, but none of them match the Current that is available now in Colorado. It has 186 HP goes highway ...

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    AutoblogGreen visits the American Electric Vehicle factory and we drive a Kurrent

    Click on the photo of AEV President Scott Thornton and the Kurrent for a high-res gallery of photos from our visit to the AEV factory digg_url = ''; Mix an old non-descript suburban Detroit warehouse ...


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