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    Report: Renault's Dacia unit may one day make EVs, Ghosn says

    All-electric powertrains and low-priced, high-margin vehicle lines don't exactly go hand in hand, but Renault-Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn says not to count out that possibility when it comes to Renault's Dacia division in Romania. With expanding EV sales bringing component costs down and pushing ...

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    Envision Motor Company to launch with trio of electric vehicles

    Looks like America will have three more electric vehicle choices a whole lot sooner than expected. As soon as this June, Envision Motor Company (EMC) plans to start selling an all-electric seven-passenger wagon, a utility van and a small pickup truck at a number of dealerships across the country. ...

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    Dacia launches ethanol-fueled version of Logan MCV

    Dacia Logan MCV - click above for high-res image gallery
    Renault's low-cost, Romania-based brand, Dacia, has introduced a new flex-fuel version of its Logan MCV people mover. The E85-capable wagon uses a 105 hp version of the Renault 1.6-liter four cylinder. With French tax incentives, the Logan ...

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    Enter the rumormill: Dacia to produce low-cost Smart competitor?

    The smart fortwo, Toyota iQ and VW Up! are surely good ideas: they represent the just about the smallest cars possible for effortless city and suburban driving. However, if you follow their European prices, you'll know they are on the expensive side of the lists. These urban cruisers might soon be ...

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    Fiat considers new brand for low-cost cars

    According to our list of the cheapest cars in the world, Fiat already offers the ninth least expensive car available: the Palio. It seems as if that might be the cheapest vehicle which Fiat would be interested in placing its name on, as reports are coming in which indicate that the company is ...

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    Geneva 08: Dacia enters the hatchback market with the Sandero

    Click picture above for high-res galleryDacia will expand its car lineup with the introduction of the Sandero. The company announced pricing and information for car at the Geneva Motor Show. It will arrive in Western Europe in mid-2008 and will reach UK shores in 2009. The Sandero will compete in ...

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    The ten cheapest cars in the world - #10 - Dacia/Renault Logan

    Renault/Dacia Logan: Romania/Turkey/Iran/Latin America. $9,477The least cheap car in this list is the famous "low-cost" car created by Renault for its Romanian subsidiary Dacia. One can also find the Logan in Mexico under the Nissan Aprio name. Built in Romania, Turkey, Brazil, India and even Iran, ...

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    The ten cheapest cars in the world

    After the introduction of the Tata Nano, lots of people began wondering what is going to happen when a lot of people in developing countries have enough money to afford a cheap car. While Tata tried to alleviate concerns of the Nano-boom by saying that the Nano is cleaner than most motorbikes that ...


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