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    Report: Biodiesel Toyota Land Cruiser 200 ready for Dakar 2014

    A Toyota subsidiary is preparing to enter a Toyota Land Cruiser for a very long off-road ride while emitting 60 percent less carbon dioxide than its regular diesel competitors. Toyota Auto Body Co. has enrolled a team into the 2014 Dakar Rally that will race a biodiesel-fueled Land Cruiser 200 ...

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    Official: e0 getting new PP01 electric supercar ready for Pikes Peak challenge

    After sending the all-electric eO beast to the Dakar Rally – where it became the first electric vehicle to finish that event – Latvia's OSCar is readying a new racer for the Pikes Pike International Hill Climb in Colorado next month. The eO PP01 supercar boasts a lightweight, tubular ...

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    First electric McRae Buggy makes debut, shows off [w/video]

    As we were telling you, Tim Coronel is just plain nuts! is planning on competing in the 2012 Dakar Rally aboard an all-electric McRae Buggy. This serious test for electric propulsion has now officially taken its first steps with the wraps being removed from the first version of their ...

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    Electric McRae Buggy to compete in 2012 Dakar Rally [w/video]

    The Dakar Rally traverses over 5,500 miles of grueling terrain in South America. It's punishing on drivers and vehicles, requiring a machine that's rugged, reliable and capable. Despite that, an Anglo-Dutch team, headed by Alistair McRae, will field an ultra-lightweight McRae Buggy equipped with ...

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    Meet OSCar e0, the first plug-in hybrid that's set to tackle the Dakar Rally [w/video]

    The Dakar Rally covers over 5,500 miles of punishing terrain in South America. It's harsh on both vehicles and drivers, demanding a capable machine that's reliable. Despite that, Latvia's OSCar has decided that it's time for the first plug-in hybrid to tackle the grueling rally. Powered by a ...

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    Eco Unfriendly: Dakar 2010 caused 570K of damage in Chile

    Despite the best efforts of racing organizations the world over to clean up their image, it's pretty tough to consider any kind of motorsport squeaky clean. Apparently, that's especially true of the recent Dakar rally in South America. Besides the expected burning of fossil fuels and the ...

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    Volkswagen going for three in a row with diesel Touareg at Dakar Rally

    In January 2009, Volkswagen took its first shot at the grueling Dakar Rally with some diesel-powered race Touaregs and finished first and second. This year, the automaker went back and took the first three positions at the finish. With an all-new Touareg on deck – we know, we know, the race ...

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    Economic situation forces Mitsubishi to cancel diesel Lancer rally program

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    Just weeks after debuting its new diesel racing Lancer in the 2009 Dakar Rally in South America, Mitsubishi has pulled the plug on the program. In a terse statement (available after the jump) the company blamed the declining economic situation for its withdrawal from cross country ...

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    VW Touareg TDIs finish 1-2 in Dakar Rally

    Two of the five of Volkswagen Race Touareg TDIs that ran in this year's Dakar Rally took top overall positions in the two marathon. The truck driven Giniel de Villiers and Dirk von Zitzewitz led to the finish capturing the first ever overall win for a diesel powered vehicle in this race. The Race ...

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    Mitsubishi's biodiesel Racing Lancer gearing up for Dakar 2009

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    Mitsubishi will be bringing four Racing Lancer vehicles to next year's challenging Dakar Rally and, while tearing up the landscape in a big SUV might not seem to be the most environmentally sound thing to do (because it's not) there is a green angle to the race. This is due to ...

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    Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution features new turbo diesel engine, will race Dakar

    Click on the image for high-res shotsMitsubishi has an admirable performance record with their off-road Pajero Evolution, racking up a record 12 Dakar wins since 1985. Why is the vehicle relevant to the green audience? This year, Mitsubishi has installed a new 260 horsepower three-liter turbo ...

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    Dakar Rally canceled after terror threat

    What had been set to be the longest edition yet of the Dakar Rally now won't happen at all. A day before the race was due to kick off in Lisbon on Saturday, organizers decided to cancel the entire event. A series of terrorist attacks, including the Dec. 24 killing of a French family in Mauritania ...

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    VW tackle longest ever Dakar Rally with 4 Race Touareg 2 TDIs

    January 2008 will mark the thirtieth running of the Dakar Rally in which competitors spend sixteen days racing thousands of miles across the Sahara. The course has been lengthened 3564 miles this time and Volkswagen is set to take another shot at beating the Mitsubishi Pajeros. The Mitsubishis have ...


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