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david cole

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    Exclusive: 2013 Automotive Hall of Fame inductees talk CAFE, vehicle electrification

    In 1939, New York City hosted both the future-gazing New York World's Fair (pictured below) and the founding of what would later become the history-focused Automotive Hall of Fame. The latter's mission, then as now, was to honor and perpetuate the memories of auto industry pioneers. It moved to ...

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    PEV 2009: David Cole explains why adding plugs to cars is anything but simple

    David Cole is the chairman of the Center For Automotive Research. As such, he is deeply connected to the industry and played a big role in organizing the Business of Plugging In expo in Detroit last week. We've talked with Cole in the past, and caught up with him at the expo to hear what the ...

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    AutoblogGreen Q&A: Dr. David Cole

    At the Alternative Fuel Cars Forum in Ann Arbor the other day Sebastian, Jeremy and I got spend twenty minutes chatting with Dr. David Cole, the Chairman of the Center for Automotive Research. As a long-time professor at the University of Michigan, Dr. Cole trained many of the top engineers in the ...

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    GM's fuel subsidy program not exactly popular with everyone

    GM recently announced a program to lower gas costs for buyers of some of the company's most gas-inefficient vehicles. GM's "fuel price protection program" reimburses the buyer enough money to bring the cost of all of that buyer's gas during the first year down to $1.99 a gallon. The reimbursement ...


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