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    Official: EV Sociability Run returns to celebrate 100th anniversary

    This year's Electric Vehicle "Sociability Run," will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the original EV rally, about 65 miles northwest of the original site. This year, electric-vehicle enthusiasts will meet up in Charles Town, WV – and not Washington, DC – on June 7 to toast their ...

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    Official: Atlanta, DC are two EV hotspots in patchwork quilt of green car demand

    To put a spin on the old Civil War story, Atlanta indeed is burning. But in this case, it's a good thing because the heat is a reference to the city's demand for electric vehicles. Atlanta is where EV demand is growing faster in that city than any other in the US, according to ChargePoint. The ...

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    Official: Tesla owners will celebrate Supercharger network with DC meet-up

    Groucho Marx famously said that he'd never belong to a club that would have him as a member. When it comes to this particular club, though, we're going to beg to differ. The Tesla Motors Club is putting out the call for what they're calling the "All Superchargers Lead to DC" tour for Presidents ...

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    Report: Yes, Virginia, Tesla may get a dealership in your state

    It may not be "Mr. Musk Goes to Washington," but it's about as close has you can get. Tesla Motors has reached an agreement with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and the Virginia Automobile Dealers Association that could get the electric-vehicle maker a couple of steps closer to opening ...

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    Report: Ethanol advocates poke fun at Big Oil with "Century of Subsidies" party

    No one would mistake a bunch of ethanol advocates for the folks at Second City, but we give the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) and the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) credit for injecting a little humor into their political statements. In this case, the two groups are using the ...

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    Report: Renault pushes for single fast- and slower-charging port for EVs

    The US may be considered one big melting pot, but it's a French automaker that wants us all to get along when it comes to standard, home-charging system and the fast-charging devices that are likely to become more commonplace. Renault has developed a system in which its electric vehicles require ...

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    Report: DC-area electric taxi plan runs into opposition

    It looks like one Washington, DC-area cab operator looking to have an all-electric fleet of cabs isn't quite ready for takeoff. Officials in Arlington, VA, unanimously voted against green-lighting Electric Vehicle Taxicab founder Malik Khattak's efforts to go all-Nissan Leaf with his fleet ...

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    Study: European electric vehicle charging-station revenue will jump tenfold by 2020

    Here's one European "union" that plug-in advocates will support. Europe's electric-vehicle charging station revenue will jump more than tenfold by the end of the decade as automakers work towards a unified charging standard and demand for plug-in vehicles rise, Pike Research says. Annual ...

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    Study: Asia-Pacific region to get majority of DC quick-charge stations

    DC quick-charge stations are robust units that promise to recharge plug-in vehicles from zero to 80-percent capacity in less than 30 minutes. While not required for EVs to work, these units make the concept of cross-country-capable electric vehicles believable and long distance electric-only ...

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    What's the difference between AC and DC? Which is better for electric cars?

    Tesla Roadster with AC drive unit - Click above for high-res image gallery
    AC/DC? We're not referring to the classic rock band; we're taking a look at electric motors. In today's Greenlings post, we'll delve into the ins and outs of the powerplants that we hope will soon be transporting millions ...

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    ABG's youngest "correspondent" checks out the Solar Decathlon solar homes

    I'll admit, I've got a lot of respect for Colin and Carrick McCullough. The father-son team have been making environmentally-aware movies (including a rare interview with Darth Vader) for almost a year now and Colin (the dad) likes to let ABG know when they've got something new up on YouTube. The ...


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