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    Study: Dealers can and should embrace EV sales
    UC Davis Finds Current Situation 'Troubling' 1415375160

    "Help me help you!" Tom Cruise's title character pleaded repeatedly in the movie Jerry Maguire. That sentiment could be said by appears to be echoed by a UC Davis study that looks at why many car dealers are loathe to sell plug-in vehicles and how they can be, uh, helped. Most – but not ...

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    Report: Iowa gives Tesla the red light on direct sales

    The Iowa Department of Transportation was recently tipped off that Tesla Motors was offering test drives in the state. This led to the state DoT shutting down those test drives in West Des Moines earlier this month, according to USA Today. Tesla reps said that the company was just trying to offer ...

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    Report: Cadillac ELR getting massive discounts, some up to $14,000

    Well, that didn't go as planned. General Motors had marketed the Cadillac ELR extended-range plug-in as a premium version of the Chevrolet Volt with some Caddy refinements. Now, it looks like that premium, at least from a price standpoint, is shrinking. Shoppers in a number of states are ...

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    Report: Some 2012-13 Chevy Volts may not have enough battery coolant
    GM Offering Free Fix For Affected Vehicles 1403548200

    The 2012 and 2013 model year Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in vehicle may have a battery glitch caused by low coolant levels. No recall has been issued and General Motors is taking care of the issue at no cost to drivers. Some of the affected Volts may have lower-than-advisable coolant ...

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    Official: CT incentivizing dealers instead of buyers to sell more EVs

    Maybe we've been going about this all wrong. Navigant Research says a recently introduced program in Connecticut that incentivizes dealers instead of EV customers could be effective because it changes the pressure points for electric vehicles. Navigant (formerly Pike) Research notes that the ...

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    Report: Tesla weighs options to take dealer fight to the feds

    It's one thing to try to cozy up to the federal government. It's another to mess with Texas. Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk is pondering the former after attempting to do the latter in an attempt to overturn the age-old laws banning automakers from operating their own car dealerships, Automotive ...

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    Report: Elon Musk: Tesla could go federal with franchise dealer fight

    Mr. Musk Goes to Washington? Jimmy Stewart references aside, that's the approach Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk may take in his crusade to get factory-owned dealerships legalized. Musk tells Automotive News that he may go to Congress in an attempt to take on the country's auto-dealer groups in ...

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    Report: Tesla gains legal ground in New York dealer fight

    Tesla Motors gained a legal victory in its continuing efforts to expand sales across the US now that New York Supreme Court Justice Raymond J. Elliott III decided that local dealers will not be allowed to cite the Franchised Dealer Act as a reason to sue competitors, Automotive News ...

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    Report: Tesla faces increased dealer opposition to opening stores in Minnesota

    Yes, MADA's a little, uh, mad, about the prospect of Tesla Motors opening stores in the Land 'o Lakes. Tesla is facing increased opposition from Minnesota auto dealers to the California-based electric-vehicle maker's plans to open stores in the state, Automotive News reports. The Minnesota ...

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    Official: Wheego adds LiFe EV dealer in Florida

    The change that the Nimnicht Family of Dealerships in Jacksonville, FL is applying to a former Hummer showroom could not be a better sign of the times. The showroom will become the newest dealership for Wheego Electric Cars, offering the full-speed Wheego LiFe and the low-speed Wheego Whip. The ...

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    Report: Ford gets ready for 900 EV-certified dealers by this spring

    About one in three US Ford dealers will be certified to sell plug-in vehicles by this spring, as the automaker gets ready to increase sales of its Focus Electric vehicle and C-Max and Fusion Energi plug-in hybrids, Automotive News reports, citing the company. Ford, which had 200 plug-in ...

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    Report: Judge says Tesla mall store can go forward, for now

    We'll let Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk write the lede on this one: "Mass. judge denies auto dealers' demand to kill our little Tesla store," Musk said in a tweet on Tuesday. "Yay, justice prevails." Indeed, a Massachusetts judge has denied a request among auto dealers to restrict the ...

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    Report: UK Nissan dealers offering Leaf loaner cars, even when ICE vehicles are in the shop

    Try it, you just might like it. That's what UK Nissan dealers are saying in an attempt to sell the all-electric Leaf across the pond. Nissan UK sent a letter to its customers saying that Nissan owners could use the Leaf as a courtesy car when their vehicles are in the shop, according to Green ...

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    Report: Toyota dealers: no, we're not ready to sell EVs quite yet

    Toyota dealers are just fine with hybrids, but they're not quite ready for electric vehicles. That's the gist of a new survey from AutoRetailNet, which found that most Toyota dealers think the Japanese automaker made the right decision to delay any kind of largescale launch of its Scion iQ ...

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    Report: GM helped push record Chevy Volt sales in August by using dealer incentives

    Some critics will say that the federal government's decision to buy a lot of Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrids for the Pentagon will artificially inflate sales figures for the extended-range plug-in. Others will point out that there is another program being promoted to move Volts, a dealer-incentive ...

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    Study: Two-thirds of British consumers would consider EVs

    Like Americans, British consumers talk a good game about buying electric vehicles. We'll see if they make good on it. About two-thirds of UK consumers are receptive to the idea of buying an electric vehicle, Motor Trader and British Gas reports, citing dealer surveys. That breaks down to about a ...

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    Report: Nissan Leaf price cut by $5,000 at two West Coast dealers

    Want a new Nissan Leaf for $23,000? It's no longer California Dreamin'. Some West Coast Nissan dealers are cutting prices on the Leaf, offering some for as much as $5,000 less than the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $37,250, Green Car Reports says. Both the North Bay Nissan in ...

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    Two Wheels: Brammo gets GE Capital financing to sell more e-bikes

    More plug-in motorcycles? We're in, says General Electric. GE Capital reached an agreement with Brammo to provide financing necessary for the e-bike maker to expand its inventory. The agreement will help Oregon-based Brammo expand its dealer network. This isn't the first time GE has stood behind ...

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    Shanghai GMC dealer plays 'fill 'er up' with $8,000 free gas incentive

    Big trucks just aren't appealing enough on their own, at least in some places. For proof, look to a Shanghai GMC dealer who is offering about three years worth of free gas to anyone who buys a new Sierra Denali. Too bad it'll take about 20 years to pay off the big truck. The dealer is giving ...

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    Official: Ford taps its first 67 dealers for Focus Electric sales

    And then there were 67... Ford on Monday said it tapped its first 67 dealers to sell its Focus Electric, the automaker's first foray into mass-produced electric-drive vehicles. Such dealers have met requirements such as completing certain electric-vehicle training courses and installing at ...


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