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    Report: Tesla wants court to dismiss Georgia dealer lawsuit

    Like the fire that forced Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara to flee Atlanta in Gone With the Wind, the battle between Tesla Motors and Georgia's auto dealers is heating up. In late August, the Georgia Automobile Dealers Association (GADA), which represents about 500 dealerships, filed a petition ...

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    Study: Dealers can and should embrace EV sales
    UC Davis Finds Current Situation 'Troubling' 1415375160

    "Help me help you!" Tom Cruise's title character pleaded repeatedly in the movie Jerry Maguire. That sentiment could be said by appears to be echoed by a UC Davis study that looks at why many car dealers are loathe to sell plug-in vehicles and how they can be, uh, helped. Most – but not ...

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    Official: White House responds to Tesla petition, declines to act

    If you've been holding your breath whilst waiting for the White House to respond to the We The People petition asking that Tesla be allowed to sell direct to consumers in all 50 states, you can finally exhale and simultaneously sigh – it has, at last, issued a statement about its intention ...

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    Read This: Consumer Reports finds plug-in retail experience underwhelming

    Walk into a traditional auto dealership today and ask about buying a plug-in car and there is a good chance you will be told that there are only a couple they can show you because they are extremely popular and they can't keep them on the lot. There is also an equally-good chance you'll be told ...

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    Report: Washington State governor signs pro-Tesla bill

    Maybe Tesla should build its proposed gigafactory in the Evergreen State. Last week, Washington Govermor Jay Inslee signed a bill that will allow Tesla to keep selling its electric vehicles through its showrooms and not have to work through third-party dealerships, Automotive News says. That ...

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    Opinion: Why dealerships should embrace Tesla's direct sales competition

    National and regional dealership associations have it in for Tesla Motors. For the past few years the organizations have been pushing lawmakers – to whom, it bears mentioning, they have made generous financial contributions – for legislation that would make it difficult for the ...

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    Report: New Jersey votes against Tesla, stores may close April 1

    Doesn't New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie have enough people mad at him already? Apparently not, since more than a few folks who like Tesla Motors are ready to get riled up. The governor is already embattled via his office's alleged role in a scandal involving politically-motivated lane shut-downs ...

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    Official: Chrysler recognizes 30 dealerships for eco practices [w/video]

    It looks like Chrysler is going a little further with its eco-friendly ways than merely selling Fiat 500 EVs. The US automaker recognized 30 US dealerships for their eco-friendly ways, giving out awards for its second-annual Dealer Environmentally Conscious Operations (ECO) Program to 30 Chrysler ...

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    Official: Nissan installing over 100 DC Fast Chargers at US Leaf dealerships

    Just as the words "Chevron," "Shell" and "Arco" can engender a sigh of relief when spotted by a gas-starved driver with an empty tank, the name "Nissan" will be cause for joy for some of their battery-electric-vehicle driving counterparts. The Japanese automaker is making it easier to charge up ...

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    Report: Hyundai, Kia owners accept fuel economy apologies, love their debit cards

    Hyundai and Kia may have gotten lots of bad press for inflated fuel economy ratings, but the on-the-ground reality isn't all that bad. Automotive News says that dealers have been pleased at how the parent companies have handled the November scandal and the reimbursement programs are making ...

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    Report: Volt drawing strangers to Chevy into dealerships

    For some Chevrolet dealers in the Pacific Northwest and Mid-Atlantic states, the arrival of the plug-in hybrid Volt means a few new faces have started walking through the doors. "We've been here a long time and the Volt is bringing in people we have never seen before," say Alan Starling of ...

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    Dealers snatching up used hybrids, four-cylinder vehicles

    Soaring gasoline prices have led to ferocious competition among auto dealers for used hybrid and four-cylinder compact and subcompact cars. At used-vehicle auctions, dealers like Todd Caputo, owner of Sun Chevrolet and three used-car lots in Syracuse, NY, claim that the race to snatch up ...

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    ZAP opens a new dealership in Davis California

    Davis, California - home to a University campus that's doing a lot of research on a wide variety of alternative fuels - is now also home to a new ZAP dealership. Davis Electric Cars is selling the Chinese-built ZAP Xebra sedan and truck. The three-wheeled Xebra can get about 25 miles on a full ...

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    Tesla to open customer service centers in 2007

    When Tesla Motors CEO Martin Eberhard talked to AutoblogGreen recently, he said that Tesla would not be using traditional franchised dealers to sell their electric cars. Instead, they will be establishing company owned customer centers around the country. For established car-makers with dealer ...


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