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    Read This: Here's how buying a Tesla Model S works in China

    When it comes to selling and delivering the California-made Tesla electric vehicles in China, we know there's a bit of a time difference. And that difference may be more a matter of months than hours as the California-based electric vehicle maker prepares to start sales in the world's most ...

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    Official: UPS cuts emissions by 2.1% last year while shipments rose

    UPS' gains on the emissions-reduction front may be more in the air than on the ground, but the massive shipping company does continue to make strides when it comes to reducing pollution with its vehicles. The company's sustainability report stated that UPS reduced its greenhouse-gas emissions by ...

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    Official: Toyota will test two big electric delivery trucks in Japan

    In California, "low rider" has long implied a gas-guzzling hot rod. Toyota is now making that term a little more utilitarian in Japan. Toyota, working with Hino Motors and Yamato Transport Co., is testing out a pair of all-electric delivery van that will be used for refrigerated trucking in ...

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    Official: California approves Amp electric truck sales

    Less than five months after electric-vehicle maker Amp said it was switching from passenger-vehicle conversions to delivery-truck electric-vehicle production, the company earned a victory of sorts by getting approval to sell its trucks in the most populous US state. The California Air Resources ...

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    Official: DHL orders at least 50 Renault EVs by 2015

    Ahh, synergy. DHL, which Renault chose last year to be the delivery company for replacement battery packs for its electric vehicles (EVs), has ordered at least 50 EVs from the French automaker itself. DHL will take possession of four Kangoo Z.E. utility vans by the end of the year, and will ...

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    Official: FedEx expands Nissan e-van testing to Yokohama

    FedEx will expand testing of the all-electric Nissan e-NV200 utility van to Japan's Yokohama region this month. The delivery company will test the Nissan for about a month. Nissan's already tested the EV in Japan with AEON Retail Co. The agreement marks a continuation of the road-testing ...

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    Bright Automotive to build van in former Hummer plant

    The production lines at the AM General Corp factory in Mishawaka, Indiana used to crank out the Hummer H2. Now they're set to produce a vehicle that may not quite have the same intimidation factor, but does have a high degree of practicality. In the process, about 300 workers could find new ...

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    FedEx adds 4 more BEVs to its already green delivery fleet

    Two of the largest parcel delivery fleets in the U.S. have been competing neck and neck in a race to become the greenest in the land. Both Federal Express (FedEx) and United Parcel Service (UPS) have delved into alternative energy vehicles for daily delivery use. In the latest skirmish to become ...

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    UPS to save 800,000 gallons of fuel through Smart Pickup program

    Now here's a unique way to save on fuel usage: only drive when you need to. Who would have ever thought of that. Under the new program from UPS called Smart Pickup, drivers will only make pickups when needed. What an idea! Getting the program underway is a little more challenging than it might ...

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    Modec truck looks great in UPS brown

    Since the first moment I laid eyes on it, I've thought the Modec electric truck was a thing of beauty. A little more aerodynamic than its freight hauling frères and a whole lot more quiet. Need I mention the lack of diesel smoke? I thought not. After reading all the specs and mulling it over ...

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    Azure Dynamics and Utilmaster to begin building hybrids together

    Utilmaster, the company that makes the trucks that deliver your packages, uniforms and potato chips, has taken note of the price its customers are paying for gas and is following up on a memorandum of understanding it struck last August with hybrid power train developer Azure Dynamics. Yes, pen has ...

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    TGB scooters deliver efficiency... and lots more

    We all hate high gas prices, and if you are reading this site, you probably also hate spewing excess amounts of emissions into the air. However, for the most part our habits have changed little. Take a look at this: Yet according to the Department for Transport's most recent National Travel Survey, ...

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    Smith EV announces electric truck factory for the US

    Smith EV, which makes delivery vans and trucks in the UK and Europe, has finally announced its plans for the US: Up to 10,000 EV trucks will be built in a facility that "could be sited anywhere in North America, would require up to a 300 acre site, including a 500,000sq ft assembly facility, test ...


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