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    Recharge Wrap-up: Formula E comes to London, hydrogen fueling comes to Denmark
    California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard Survives 1404318480

    Denmark will get four new hydrogen fueling stations from Air Liquide. The French company will put two of the hydrogen stations in Copenhagen, one in Aalborg and the fourth in Vejle. The new fueling stations are in addition to two already existing sites in Copenhagen and Holstebro. Read more at ...

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    Report: Did Better Place end up hurting EV industry in Israel, Denmark?

    Tennyson said that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, but when it comes to affection towards the dearly departed Better Place battery-swapping technology, Israeli and Danish drivers of plug-in vehicles may beg to differ. Those two countries were the first markets ...

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    Report: Tesla Model S sales in Germany lag behind Leaf, Zoe, Smart ED

    In some European countries – Iceland and Norway – the Tesla Model S is doing quite well. In others, according to the International Business Times, early indications are that interest in the world's best-selling luxury EV are a bit muted. The numbers from IBT indicate that Tesla's ...

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    Report: Israel's 'Captain Sunshine' interested in buying Better Place

    The man known to some in Israel as "Captain Sunshine" may bring bankrupt battery-swapping firm Better Place out of the dark by potentially buying the company's assets, the Jerusalem Post reports. Yosef Abramowitz, who built Israel's first commercial solar field about two years ago, is in talks ...

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    Official: Hyundai delivers first hydrogen fuel cell iX35 in Copenhagen

    It's a European kind of debut for the hydrogen-powered Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell (which will be known as the Tuscon Fuel Cell when it arrives in the US). Hyundai showed off the first production ix35 in Geneva earlier this year and this week delivered 15 of the H2 SUVs to the City of Copehagen. The ...

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    Report: Better Place founder Shai Agassi still believes in swappable-batteries, subscription miles

    Shai Agassi's faith remains strong. The Better Place founder, who was removed as the company's CEO in October, still believes that a company that powers electric vehicles with swappable batteries and a subscription-based revenue model can be successful ... if operated properly. While declining ...

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    Official: Better Place swaps US, Australia operations for a focus on Israel, Denmark

    Better Place, the electric-vehicle battery-swapping technology developer, is swapping out its US and Australia operations to save cash and will focus its efforts on Denmark and Israel. The company, which had operated offices in California's Silicon Valley, referred to Denmark and Israel as "its ...

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    Report: Denmark, EU think charging stations will drive EV sales

    European Union climate commissioner Connie Hedegaard thinks she knows the answer to "the chicken or the egg" debate when it comes to selling more electric vehicles or installing more charging stations. Hedegaard, who served as climate minister from 2007 to 2009, wants to see her home country ...

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    Official: Qbeak's third prototype city EV unveiled

    Qbeak, the electric city vehicle being developed by Denmark-based ECOmove, has unveiled the third prototype of the car and says the vehicle is "very close" to its finished version. The current prototype is lighter than the previous versions, which mean's the Qbeak's single-charge range has been ...

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    Report: Better Place may lay off another 200 workers

    Better Place might not be such a good one when it comes to employment, given reports that the electric vehicle infrastructure network might fire as many as 200 workers. According to the Israels business publication Globes, Better Place, which at one point employed as many as 400 people in ...

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    Official: Honda joins hydrogen fuel cell vehicle effort in Nordic countries

    Honda has followed in the water-exhaust trail of fellow Japanese automakers Toyota and Nissan as well as South Korea-based Hyundai in reaching an agreement to accelerate the development of hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEV) in the Nordic countries. Honda joined in on the Memorandum of ...

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    Official: POD Point expanding electric vehicle charging options in Scandanavia

    There must be something about Scandinavia that makes people think about electric cars. Last year, for example, the UK-based EV charging station company Pod Point found that, out of the all the 400-plus public chargers in London, the most popular was at the local IKEA store. And, of course, Think ...

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    Official: Better Place-charged vehicles surpass 1 million kilometers driven

    Those who scoff at the metric system may belittle any publicity related to kilometers covered instead of miles, but we're still pretty impressed. Better Place, which is trying to build out an infrastructure for electric vehicles based on the cell phone model of leased batteries that are swapped ...

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    Official: Novozymes, Shengquan commercializing cellulosic ethanol

    China-based Shengquan Group and the Danish company Novozymes are partnering to make enough cellulosic ethanol for commercialization. Shengquen and Novozymes have reached an agreement in which Shengquen will invest $100 million and Novozymes will provide the "enabling enzyme technology" for ...

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    Report: Bad air makes for good eatin': more CO2 means more weight

    Nope, it's not the cheeseburger, it's the air that's making you pack on the pounds. A Danish study of weight-gain statistics over a 22-year period found that increased carbon dioxide in the air may be causing people to eat more and therefore may be making people fatter. Boiled down, the idea is ...

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    Official: ECOmove's QBEAK nears launch, gets Frost & Sullivan award

    QBEAK, the city electric vehicle that's been pitched by Denmark-based ECOmove over the past year and a half, received this year's 'European Electric Vehicles Early Stage Investment Opportunity Award' from UK-based Frost & Sullivan, which said that ECOmove is "very close" to starting sales of ...

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    Report: Better Place starts Renault EV deliveries in Israel

    Better Place, the Silicon Valley company founded by former high-tech executive and Israel native Shai Agassi in 2007, has delivered the first 100 electric cars to Israeli customers. After years of tests and trial programs, the deliveries mark a big step in the company's efforts to build out an ...

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    Report: In Denmark, some gas stations transform into bicycle repair shops

    With potholes, overly aggressive drivers and the constant threat of a flat, bicyclists kind of have it tough. But over in Copenhagen, already one of the world's most pedal power-friendly cities, an oil company by the name of Statoil ASA is making it just a bit easier to commute on two ...

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    Nissan Leaf beats Tesla Roadster in Oresund Rally

    Can a Nissan Leaf beat a Tesla Roadster Sport? At the inaugural running of the Oresund Rally, which features nothing but electric cars that took place in Denmark and Sweden from September 10 to 11, it can. At the starting line was the Leaf, the Roadster, four Citroen C-Zeros, two Peugeot iOns ...

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    Denmark gets eBOX for AC Propulsion's 5th Anniversary

    AC Propulsion, a global company involved in electric drive design, development and manufacturing, has delivered a battery-powered eBox to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) for tests that evaluate vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technologies. The research aims to advance the integration of electric ...


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