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    Report: Musk vows to repay Tesla's federal loans in five years, not ten

    Tesla Chief Elon Musk says his company will repay its US Department of Energy loans within five years, Automotive News reports. That's way, way ahead of the 10-year deadline the electric-vehicle maker was originally given to pay back the $465-million loan it got from the feds. Musk says ...

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    Official: DOE's RANGE grant is $20m for a $30,000, 240-mile EV

    Proving once again that brevity isn't its strength, the US Department of Energy (DOE) put out its version of a request for proposals that will involve doling out $20 million to help create a plug-in vehicle that competes with gas-powered cars. Under a program called the "Robust Affordable Next ...

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    Official: US on track to increase number of public charge stations by 40% in 2013

    About 170 publicly accessible electric-vehicle charging stations were installed in the US last month. If this trend continues, the number of EV stations could grow at about 40 percent a year, according to US Department of Energy figures. As of January 17, US drivers of Nissan Leafs, Chevrolet ...

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    Official: DOE puts up another $10m for biofuels

    Those keeping score of the pro vs. against biofuel camps can add another point for the advocates since the federal government has agreed to divert more funds towards the expansion of biofuels. Specifically, the US Department of Energy (DOE) will award more than $10 million to five products ...

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    Official: DOE's new Energy Storage Hub a "Manhattan Project" for better batteries

    This could be big. The US Department of Energy has announced a five-year, $120-million award for a team of 14 companies, universities and national laboratories led by Argonne National Laboratory that will be charged with creating next-generation batteries for use in vehicles and the grid. In ...

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    XP Technology sues DOE over advanced vehicle loan rejection

    The US Department of Energy has been sued in US court by a company that it denied a loan to in its Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing program. San Francisco-based XP Technology is charging the DOE with "corruption and negligence" for the way it handled the approval for loan process. XP ...

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    Official: DOE funding 20 Clean Cities projects with alt-fuel infrastructure

    The US Department of Energy is funding 20 new projects to support states and local governments in streamlining the infrastructure needed for alternative fuel vehicles to thrive. Working through the DOE's Clean Cities initiative, these projects could help governments and other stakeholders cut red ...

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    Report: A123 received $950k from feds on bankruptcy-filing day

    And in the "one hand didn't know what the other hand was doing" department, we have this. Lithium-ion battery-pack maker A123 Systems received almost $1 million in federal funding the day it filed for bankruptcy, Reuters reports, citing a letter the company sent to Republican Senators John Thune ...

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    Study: Plug-in vehicles go further every day. No, seriously

    Here's a twist we didn't see coming. Plug-in vehicle owners are, on average, driving more than gas-powered vehicle owners are driving their cars, and are getting more comfortable charging those vehicles outside of their homes, Plug In Vehicles reports, citing a US Energy Department study ...

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    Official: DOE's new alt-fuel site offers lots of goodies, ways to save money

    Burn some time, save some fuel. That's the synopsis of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) website redesign, which is geared towards fleet managers and other high-volume, high-mileage drivers. The new site gives the lowdown on five alternatives to ...

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    Report: Fisker might have received complete $529m loan under Paul Ryan's plan

    Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan might have supported full disbursement of the U.S. Energy Department's planned $529 million loan to extended-range plug-in vehicle maker Fisker Automotive. Then again, he might not have. Ah, politics. Recently, Ryan has joined fellow Republicans ...

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    Opinion: Hydrogen fuel cells may get a shot at batteries after all

    What Changed DOE Secretary Steven Chu's Mind About Hydrogen Fuel Cells Natural gas now being retrieved from shale provides an enormous source of hydrogen. He'll never use the word "fracking," but thanks to that new drilling technique, the U.S. Secretary of Energy now admits he's changed ...

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    Official: DOE funds 13 biofuel projects with $41 million

    The U.S. Department of Energy has got its fingers in a lot of alternative-energy pies, from hydrogen vehicles to plug-ins. Today, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the DOE has announced that it will reach a little deeper into 13 biofuel and feedstock improvement projects ...

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    Report: Fisker loan spurs more questions from senators

    Um, about that $337 million. Fisker Automotive and its pending federal government loan has spurred a letter from two U.S. senators to Energy Secretary Steven Chu questioning the appropriateness of the loan, The Detroit News reports. In their letter to Chu, senators John Thune (R-South Dakota) ...

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    DOE's Steven Chu says $25,000, 140-mile electric car might be here in 10 years

    Here's some non-news: the Department of Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, supports plug-in vehicles. Want proof? Click here, here or here. Want to know how he can still get headlines? By saying that electric cars that offer twice the range of the Nissan Leaf (so, around 140 miles) while costing ...

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    Official: New York State, feds spending $4.4 million for 325 EV-charging stations

    The Big Apple is about to get a little greener. New York State and the federal government will invest $4.4 million building out 325 electric-vehicle charging stations across the state, many of which are expected to be in the largest U.S. city. The state's Energy Research and Development ...

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    Report: Alt-fuel vehicles generated more than $150 million in incentives last year *UPDATE

    Now here's something that will make fiscal conservatives feel warm and fuzzy. U.S. buyers of new electric-drive vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf battery-electric and Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug in were eligible for more than $150 million in federal and state incentives in 2011, or more ...

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    Report: Coda gives up on federal government loans, for now

    Who needs the federal government when you have a big Chinese company behind you? That's what electric-vehicle maker Coda Automotive appears to be asking, now that the Los Angeles-based company has withdrawn its two-year-old request for $334 million in U.S. Department of Energy loans, according ...

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    Official: Fisker reaches out to Middle East; DOE reaches for loan consultant

    Fisker Automotive may not exactly be chummy with the U.S. federal government these days, but at least it's getting some love from the Middle East. The California-based extended-range plug-in vehicle maker reached an agreement with Al-Futtaim Group to distribute its cars throughout the Middle ...

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    Official: Feds will invest $4 million to help develop wireless EV chargers

    Think of it as a way to boost plug-in vehicle adoption by removing the "plug-in" part. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced it will spend as much as $4 million to speed the development of wireless electric-vehicle charging stations. The DOE will award the funds to as many as four ...


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