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    Study: EVs lose value faster than traditional new vehicles

    When it comes to new cars, more green now means less green later. The UK-based CAP Automotive, which regularly publishes auto-depreciation reports, recently released a study that found that electric vehicles lose their value substantially faster than their gas-powered counterparts. Specifically, ...

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    Honda Insight's the lone hybrid on Kelley's cheapest-to-own list

    The Honda Insight was the only hybrid to make it onto Kelley Blue Book's list of new cars that will cost less than $30,000 to own during the first five years of ownership. The Insight, which has a base MSRP of $19,120, was joined by 15 other models, all of which are high fuel-economy gas models ...

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    Nissan blames Leaf price hike in UK on falling pound

    Last Thursday, we reported that the UK price of the Nissan Leaf will rise by 6.9 percent starting March 1st. That increase equates to an increase of £2,000 ($3,238 U.S. at the current exchange rate), driving the Leaf's MSRP way up to $50,310 before incentives. Initially, Nissan attributed ...

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    VIDEO: Fully Charged takes on BBC, Mitsubishi for i-MiEV depreciation story

    Fully Charged host Robert Llewellyn discussing controversial BBC article – Click above to watch a video after the break
    "The most spurious load of codswallop I think I have ever seen on the BBC." That's how Robert Llewellyn, host of the EV-centric Fully Charged series described an ...

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    Kelley Blue Book recommends maybe not selling your SUV right now

    Photo by Joguldi. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.We all know that sales and values of large vehicles are slumping - just ask Nissan about their Titan pickup. But if you're driving an SUV today and really hate watching the pump rack up all those dollars each time you get gas, Kelley ...

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    That shiny new hybrid is going to save you money

    A new study by Los Angeles-based, which specialises in automotive cost-of-ownership data, says that despite higher initial prices, hybrid buyers are still the winners when you factor in costs of financing, fuel, insurance, state taxes and license fees, repairs, maintenance and ...


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