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    Report: Nissan EV design is diverging in three directions

    As the movie awards season kicks into high gear, Nissan design chief Shiro Nakamura appears to be implying that his company's electric-vehicle design prospects are about to go from Philomena into The Wolf of Wall Street territory. Nakamura, speaking with Motor Authority at the Detroit Auto Show ...

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    Report: Consumer Reports says converted EVs are marred by design compromises

    When it comes to battery-electric versions of existing gas-powered vehicles, it's tough for those leopards to change their spots. That's a conclusion from Consumer Reports, which says that the Ford Focus Electric and Chevrolet Volt are among plug-in vehicles marred by design compromises because ...

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    Tesla designers answer Model S questions

    There's a lot to like about the prototypes we've seen of Tesla's Model S sedan. It has the kind of sleek lines usually associated with a product carrying the emblem of a large cat, or maybe a stylized set of wings (hint: not Chrysler). As the sedan moves toward production, it's understandable ...

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    Future Shock: Some extra Current for Tesla?

    Tesla Roadster sales may be nearing an end, but, with the Model S coming up in 2012, odds are that the EV maker won't be idle for long. By 2013, Tesla is also looking to have the Model X CUV silently rolling along highways. After that there could be a Roadster replacement, and even a smaller, ...

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    Merrill Lynch goes out on a limb, says electric vehicles need to be sexy

    Tesla Model S – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Is the Tesla Roadster sexy? How about the Model S (pictured) or the Fisker Karma? It seems that most people would say they are, and that means the sales prospects look good, says Merrill Lynch. The Bank of America/Merrill Lynch global ...

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    How important is the appearance of a green car?

    2011 Chevy Volt - Click above for high-res image gallery
    There has been quite a spate of green car designs in the past few years that seem penned to prove the adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Indeed, some eco-intentioned vehicles appear to be the end result of an ultimate death ...

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    VIDEO: Designing the Chrysler 200C EV

    Chrysler made quite a splash with its surprise unveiling last Sunday of their classy-looking 200C EV. The range-extended electric drive vehicle is capable of 40 gas-free miles and seemed a cut or two above most of their current line up - it also revealed that Chrysler still has some talented ...

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    Poll: 2011 Chevrolet Volt - which do you prefer, concept or production?

    Now that you've had time to digest the look of the production Chevrolet Volt in a somewhat more flattering environment, it's time to have your say. Obviously it changed a lot, but that was a necessity to get this first one out the door and meet the performance targets. The wheels shrunk, the ...

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    Cool videos: mag-lev gears, human powered anti-gravity

    The video above is a demonstration of a magnetic cog by Kundel Magnetics. Using magnetic fields instead of physical gears to transfer energy has many advantages like zero friction and no need for lubrication. Below the fold is a concept vehicle by the design group Oooms. The counter weight at one ...

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    In the future, everyone will live in parking lots

    digg_url = ''; The science fiction movie the Minority Report imagines cars driving up vertical highways and parking on the side of high rise apartment buildings. Driveways just in front of your doorway are not uncommon in ...

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    Mazda's Hakaze design concept offers "acceptable" fuel economy

    Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of the Mazda Hakaze design concept.Mazda Motor Corporation is to premier the Hakaze, its third concept car based on its 'Nagare' design language, at the 77th annual Geneva International Motor Show to be held from the 6th through to the 18th of ...

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    Radical truck designs by Luigi Colani

    Luigi Colani is a Swiss-German industrial designer known for the rounded, organic forms found in his designs. Colani has been designing since the 1950s, but of particular interest are his recent spectacular truck designs that include viciously angled fronts, wind skirts over the tires and circular ...


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