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diesel emissions

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    Report: US to help China draft stricter emissions regulations

    The US will soon work with China as the world's most populous nation works to draft stricter emissions standards. The two countries certainly know how to put pollution into the air – China is the world's biggest emitter polluter, followed by the US. The announcement was made during a visit ...

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    Study: Diesel particulates, other air pollutants linked to autism in children

    Our economy runs on diesel. It's burned in the road-going rigs that bring us everything from potatoes to potpourris. If it's on a store shelf, it likely arrived by oil-burning truck. Increasingly, diesel engines are also finding a home in our passenger cars, migrating from Europe, where they've ...

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    Report: BMW recalling 24,000 vehicles over emissions problem

    BMW wants to take another look at over 24,000 diesel vehicles it's sold in the U.S. No, this isn't just to check out how they're holding up in the real world, it's to make sure the smoke coming out of the tailpipe is clean enough. BMW is recalling a total of 24,340 vehicles from the 2009-2011 ...

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    Study: Diesel particulates cause... heart attacks?

    In what might be considered one of the worst bits of info related to diesel engines, medical researchers at the University of Edinburgh say that chemical particles (aka particulates) exiting the tailpipe of diesel-fueled vehicles can significantly increase the risk of heart attack in otherwise ...

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    Diesel retrofit systems reduce school bus pollutants outside, but not inside

    A recent UCLA study analyzed the performance of retrofit systems for diesel-fueled school buses and discovered the systems significantly reduce tailpipe emissions, but had no measurable effect on in-cabin pollution. In a study published in Environmental Science & Technology, Qunfang Zhang ...

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    Study: Modern clean diesels not that green; black carbon overlooked

    While technological advancements have cleaned up diesel engines, modern clean diesel vehicles may not be as "green" as previously thought. The reason, according to some analysts, is that soot emissions from these new powerplants are underestimated. In Britain, for example, vehicles are exempt ...

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    Dump truck owners suing CARB over diesel emissions regulations

    On February 11th, the California Dump Truck Owners Association (CDTOA) filed a lawsuit against the California Air Resources Board (CARB), challenging the legality of a statewide rule that requires truck and bus owners equip their rigs with diesel exhaust filters and, eventually, to replace ...

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    Why can't Americans have good, small diesels?

    2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The question is often asked, "Why is it that drivers in Europe can get all of these amazing high-mileage cars that get 50, 60 or even 70 mpg but we have to celebrate when we get half of that?" There are plenty of reasons, but ...

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    REPORT: Diesel emissions the main cause of 3000 deaths per year in London

    According to a London Assembly report, air pollution in the UK capital may have contributed to the deaths of some 3,000 people in the year 2005. Further, while not as important as the health of London's populace, the report estimates that these health-related issues cost £20 billion per year ...

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    GM to change to "to better match the site's purpose"

    This post is not meant to say anything bad about GM, in fact, I believe that GM has been doing a pretty good job lately of cleaning up their act. I guess history is hard to forget, though, because GM has taken some flak recently due to the name of one of their websites: This site will ...

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    2008 VW Jetta TDi coming with BlueTec and 50 state emissions

    Volkswagen Group has previously announced their intention to incorporate the BlueTec diesel emission control equipment developed by Mercedes-Benz. Now they've released some details on the BlueTec equipped Jetta that's coming for 2008. The new version has a 2.0 L four cylinder common rail diesel ...

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    Dieselnet updates charts of USA's diesel emissions standards, Tier 2

    While most customers don't need to worry about exactly what the emissions standards are for their diesel vehicles, manufacturers and those keeping a strict eye on CO2 emissions do. For consumers, the upcoming stricter standards on diesel vehicles in the United States mean cleaner, more efficient ...

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    Toyota to intro new ultra-clean diesels in 2008

    Toyota is working on ultra-clean diesel engines independently from their recent hook-up with Isuzu. Similarly to the United States and Europe, Japan is introducing stricter emissions requirements for diesel engines for 2009. The new regulations in Japan require particulate emissions of one-third of ...

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    Diesel Jeep Liberty R.I.P. in U.S.

    DaimlerChrysler announced Monday that the company will stop making the diesel Jeep Liberty SUV for sale in the U.S., despite better-than-expected sales in 2005. According to the Detroit News, the compact SUV's engine doesn't meet new tough federal emissions standards that will kick in next year and ...


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