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    Report: 'Snake Oil' author says history should remind us of fracking's 'false promise'

    At least one author is warning consumers not to be fooled by relatively steady gas prices and prognostications of plentiful petroleum. Richard Heinberg, in his book Snake Oil: How Fracking's False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future is warning people that any prediction that the world has ...

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    EPA says Shell's Alaskan drilling plans close to receiving final approval

    In early May, Shell presented its oil-drilling proposal to the U.S. government, seeking permission to drill ten exploratory oil wells in Alaskan waters. Now comes word that Shell, with assistance from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is ever so close to developing an essential air ...

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    Drill Here! Drill Now! Pay less!

    Photo by Natalie Maynor Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.It wasn't so long ago that the airwaves and blogosphere echoed with the shrill cry of "Drill here! Drill now! Pay less!" It seemed people were so desperate for the price of gasoline to stop its meteoric rise that they were willing ...

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    Cuban oil drilling in Florida straits

    While the U.S. has a ban on drilling in the Florida straits, Cuba has no such restrictions and is cashing in on the oil and natural gas reserves there. Cuba's drilling plans have been known for years, and it has now found some willing partners in China, India and others. Obviously, a growing number ...


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