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    Official: Holland's plan to go EV-tastic is working

    Holland has become a bellwether for electric vehicle adoption and infrastructure development. The numbers certainly are not staggering – about 7,500 on the roads throughout the Netherlands – but they did increase eightfold last year and charging posts are showing up in cities ...

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    Official: Smart highways can charge EVs, give weather warnings

    Gotta love those Dutch folks. Designer Daan Roosegaarde is teaming up with Heijmans Infrastructure to dream up smart highway lanes that not only give drivers weather information by "glowing" but will eventually be able to help recharge electric vehicles. Presented at Dutch Design Week this ...

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    Fiat launches pricy new special-edition 500 Abarth Competizione

    Fiat 500 Abarth Competizione – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Cars may be getting smaller, but that doesn't mean they're necessarily getting cheaper. As if to prove that point, Fiat has thumbed its nose at the Tata Nano with a special 500 that packs a big price tag in a small ...

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    Detroit Electric goes Dutch with Europe Electric cars and Proton

    After showing practically no signs of life since being revived in a joint venture between Zap! and Youngman Automotive Group last February and officially striking out on its own less than a week ago, Detroit Electric has emerged, in Malaysia, as a Dutch company with $300 million in backing and a ...

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    Satellite-based road tax in the Netherlands in 2011

    It's easy to argue that road taxes are quite unfair because they're flat: You pay fees to drive around; it doesn't matter how much you actually use the car.The Netherlands has decided to improve the country's road tax by taxing according to the vehicle type, usage, hour and roads the vehicle is ...

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    Meet the duraCar Innovan, an EV van from the Netherlands

    If you thought that the Dutch only were known in the auto industry because of their cool DAF cars from the '60s, (which, by the way, had a very clever CVT system), they're out to prove you wrong. The Netherlands has a manufacturer that has a very interesting EV that looks to be ready in April. It's ...

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    Ford calls Dutch DPF retrofitting program a success

    Ford in the Netherlands has declared its campaign to retrofit older cars with DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters) a success. More than 9,000 motorists chose to install the soot-reducing devices in their vehicles, and they got them almost for free: Ford reduced the price of the DPF so it would match ...

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    GPS system for bicyclists

    A common charge car drivers hurl at GPS systems is that they're unnecessary for anyone with maps and the brains to use them. But what about cyclists using unfamiliar bike lanes? The Dutch cyclists union ENFB has started a volunteer effort to map the numerous bike lanes for GPS, many of which are ...


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