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    Auctions: eBay find: Battery-powered Batpod is ready for battle

    Thinking of taking up a crime fighting career in your local metro area? We have a lead on the vehicle you need – an electric, shotgun-shooting, flame-throwing, Batpod now available on eBay! You're welcome. This particular crusading cruiser begin life as a 2002 Harley Davidson V-Rod. Its ...

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    Official: eBay launches new 'Green Driving' site to promote eco-car sales

    Yes, Elon, there's a new way to buy Teslas on eBay. The world's biggest online auction company has launched a new site dedicated all things alt-fuel in an attempt to attract more car shoppers feeling stung by rising gas prices. eBay's "Green Driving" site lets the anti-gas-guzzler set break ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Hydrogen-powered 1972 AMC Gremlin by George Barris

    1972 hydrogen-powered AMC Gremlin – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When one thinks of advanced technology, the AMC Gremlin rarely (if ever) pops to mind. In fact, these days, unless you happen to be watching re-runs of the first season of True Blood, you likely wouldn't think of the ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: three low-speed electric cars for $13,500

    How much is too much for a neighborhood electric vehicle? If you're talking about a somewhat unknown NEV that looks like a smart fortwo, can go about 60 miles per charge at a speed of 28 mph and are currently located in Alberta, Canada, $4,500 is too much. That's the lesson we take away from an ...

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    eBay Find of the day: Aftermarket Toyota RAV4 EV w/Li-Ion battery

    Seeing old Toyota RAV4 EVs pop up on eBay is nothing new. One of them usually goes up for auction several times a year. The one up for sale this week, though, isn't one of the vehicles that was originally built by the manufacturer. Instead this one is an aftermarket conversion done by a company ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: 1993 smart Roadster?

    Click above for a gallery of the eBay smart Roadster
    Here's an interesting auction on eBay: a 1993 smart Roadster in California. Why single out this particular machine? First, there were no smart Roadsters in 1993, as the model officially went on sale in ten years later in 2003. In fact, smart ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: smart Crossblade

    Click above for more shots of the smart Crossblade on eBayMercedes shocked the motoring press when it announced back in the early 2000's that it would actually launch a production version of its crazy smart Crossblade. Equipped with the same turbocharged three cylinder engine as the regular smart ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: 1973 Porsche 911 electric conversion

    Click above for more shots of this Porsche 911 EV conversionSometimes, we find various electric vehicle conversions on eBay to share with our readers. In many cases, the cars are in pretty sorry condition and the work which was done is highly suspect. In the case of this 1973 Porsche 911, though, ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: 1979 Unique Mobility Electrek

    Click on the image for more shots of the Electrek electric carGood old eBay strikes again with another unusual but very interesting electric vehicle up for auction. Before seeing this auction, we were not really familiar with the Unique Mobility Electrek electric vehicle at all. As usual, the ...

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    eBay find of the day: non-electric Detroit Electric

    Click on the image for more shotsHere we have an electric car which is not an electric car. When the current owner got the car, is was stripped of its motor, batteries and other assorted bits. For that reason, in went a Ford 2.8 liter V6, meaning that the vehicle you see here is a Detroit Electric ...


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