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eco driving

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    Study: SmartDrive shows commercial truck drivers they can reduce fuel consumption by 22%

    Anyone can benefit by using eco-driving techniques, even long-haul truckers, who can reduce their rig's fuel consumption substantially with a lighter touch. That's the conclusion of SmartDrive Systems' new Commercial Transportation Fuel Efficiency Study. Commercial fleets can cut fuel ...

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    DOE awards UC Riverside $1.2 million for eco-driving research project

    Researchers at the University of California, Riverside have received a $1.2 million grant from the Department of Energy to evaluate technologies that provide drivers with feedback so they can cut emissions and reduce fuel consumption by up to 30 percent. The three-year project aims to develop a ...

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    Lexus CT 200h, HS 250h reward fuel-efficient driving with charitable donations

    The Japanese-market Lexus CT 200h and HS 250h feature an electronic fuel-saving device called the Harmonious Driving Navigator. Ahhhh, doesn't that tickle your ears? This system assists in saving fuel by alerting drivers when they hammer the pedal to the floor, accelerate briskly or pilot the ...

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    2012 Ford Focus' EcoMode aims to perfect eco-driving techniques

    2012 Ford Focus – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The all-new 2012 Ford Focus represents the first example of the automaker's "One Ford" global product strategy. Under this approach, Ford engineers set out to design vehicles that are exactly the same for all markets. Since ...

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    Automotive X-Prize: Drivers hit the slopes to try and squeeze out a few more mpge

    Edison2's Very Light Car – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The slope of the track at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, MI is playing a role in how the teams in the Automotive X-Prize are driving their vehicles. During the tests where the cars need to accelerate to a ...

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    Renault and Key Driving Competences to expand ecodriving training

    Renault Environment is partnering with a Belgian driver training company to expand the availability of a program targeted at teaching ecodriving. Renault Environment is actually a wholly owned subsidiary of the automaker that focuses on helping other green businesses expand their reach. Key ...

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    Greenies can shoot for platinum in Nissan's new Intelligent Driver Project UK

    Following the lead of a similar project in Japan, Nissan has kicked off the Nissan Intelligent Driver Project (NIDP) in Europe. The NIDP combines all kinds of technological aids, including telematics, to help drivers reduce fuel consumption. In Europe, the NIDP is an eight-month study that uses ...

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    Geeky? Green? Learn to drive green with the EcoGyzer

    In this world where there seems to be a gadget for everything, there must be unusual gadgets to monitor your driving and teach you to drive green, right? Yes, we all know the basic rules: go light on the gas pedal, using high gears as early as possible, being gentle on the brake pedal... While you ...

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    Ford's got tips that can reduce fuel use by 24 percent

    Click above for high-res galleryFord and Pro Performance Group took a group of volunteers from Phoenix, AZ and gave them some lessons on eco-driving. The results? Average fuel economy savings of 24 percent (ranging from 6 to 50 percent) simply by changing driving style. Volunteers learned specific ...


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