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    2,487.5 mpg! Catchy headline unneccessary

    For the second year in a row, the student team from Laval University in Quebec, Canada took home the $5,000 top prize in a worst-to-first finish at the Shell Eco-marathon Americas. In case you missed the headline, their winning entry in the "Prototype" category returned 2,487.5 miles per gallon. ...

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    European Shell Eco Marathon Europe 2009: more than 8000 mpg!

    2009 Shell Eco Marathon winners - Click above for an image gallery
    The 25th edition of the Shell Eco Marathon took place last week at the German circuit of Lausitz, and quite a number of records were broken. A French team from the Lycée Saint Joseph la Joliverie in Nantes has improved upon ...

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    Meet the Ecocustom, a project for Shell's EcoMarathon

    digg_url = ''; Every year, Shell organizes an EcoMarathon, where the aim is to run a vehicle as far as possible on a single liter of gasoline. While the first target in 1977 was 680 km (something like 1634 mpg), recent ...

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    New record at Shell Eco-marathon: 2,843 mpg

    click to enlargeAnd here I thought 1,902.7 mpg was a lot. That was the winning rating at last year's Shell Eco-Marathon Americas coutresy of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. This year, three teams had a higher mpg score in the event this weekend, and it was the students from Mater Dei High School from ...

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    2008 Shell Eco-marathon coming in April; will anyone best 1902 mpg?

    Last year, Cal Poly (ok, ok, California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo) won the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas with an astounding 1,902.7 mpg score. For 2008, 34 teams will compete at the California Speedway event in April. Last week, Shell-Pennzoil driver Kevin Harvick was at the ...

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    An early look at some of the Shell Eco-Marathon competition vehicles

    Do you remember when we ran an article about the Shell Eco-marathon? Does the sound of 6,792 miles per gallon jog your memory? Think that's high? That can't hold a candle to the all-time record of 10,705 miles per gallon set in 2003! That kind of mileage is impressive, even if the vehicles used to ...

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    Shell Eco-marathon returns in April - will anyone beat last year's 6,792 mpg record?

    The all-time highest mpg (equivalent) rating achieved at a Shell eco-marathon is 10,705 miles per gallon. That record was set in 2003 at the European Shell Eco-marathon. The Shell Eco-marathon returns to the United States next month and will see students try to squeeze every last centimeter out of ...

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    The 131 mpg Caterham Seven

    The annual Shell Eco-Marathon is a competition designed to find the entrant whose car achieves the maximum fuel economy after driving 40 minutes and completing seven laps around the track at a minimum of 15 mph. Cars can run on gasoline, diesel, LPG, or hydrogen. This year's UK event was held at ...


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