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    The ugly economics of green vehicles
    All Of Us Want Cleaner Cars, But How Many Of Us Are Willing To Pay For Them? 1411166700

    It's fair to say that most consumers would prefer a green vehicle, one that has a lower impact on the environment and goes easy on costly fuel (in all senses of the term). The problem is that most people can't – or won't – pay the price premium or put up with the compromises today's ...

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    Official: Last year's high gas prices stopping people from spending like they used to

    Old habits die hard, and when it comes to changing our spending habits to account for gas price increases, newer ones do as well. About four in five Americans have held steady with their lower discretionary spending levels from last year – a time when gas prices spiked – despite the ...

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    Study: Americans driving less, log fewest miles since 2004

    The price of a gallon of gasoline has been a major downer so far in 2011, and data shows that it may be affecting driving habits. According to The Detroit News, the Federal Highway Administration claims that Americans drove 1.453 trillion miles in the first half of 2011. That's down 1.1 percent ...

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    WaPo: High gas prices are holding the economy down

    Economic growth over the last quarter was once again disappointing. The possible factors out there weighing down on jobs, sales, and incomes range from the global consequences of the earthquake in Japan to concerns over the debt ceiling. Among all the factors that could be holding us back, ...

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    Report: Ford confirms Geneva debut of diesel-sipping Mondeo Econetic

    2011 Ford Mondeo – Click above for high-res image gallery
    After facelifting the European-market Ford Mondeo last year, the diesel-sipping Econetic model vanished from the lineup. Fortunately, Ford has revealed that an ultra-frugal Mondeo Econetic will return with its worldwide debut ...

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    Report: Sales of 30+ MPG cars fell 10% in first five months of 2010

    Every month, Ward's Auto posts its Fuel Economy Index (FEI) numbers. Last time around, we noted that Ward's witnessed a decrease in buyer interest in fuel-efficient vehicles. While the numbers did indicate that overall fuel efficiency was still on the rise, it was also evident that buyers were ...

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    REPORT: Impact of Cash for Clunkers might not be so hot; charities insisted on 18 mpg limit

    With the official kick-off date for the Cash For Clunkers program CARS just over a week away, people are already saying it's really too little, too short. Last week, Auto Alliance president Dave McCurdy said that Congress could expand the program, and now some economists interviewed by Reuters are ...

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    Obama's signature on Stimulus Bill earns praise

    Click above for an interactive timeline
    As we noted over the weekend, the Stimulus Bill that moved through Congress contains a lot of help for plug-in vehicles. As you might expect, the advocacy group Plug In America is quite pleased that President Obama signed the bill today (see full statement ...

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    Senate passes stimulus bill with $2 billion for plug-ins and batteries

    American politicians are trying to figure out how best to save the wreck that is the U.S. economy, mostly by moving a stimulus bill through Congress. Today, the Senate passed their version of the bill and there is (unsurprisingly) a lot in there for green car advocates. The $838 billion package ...

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    Economic situation forces Mitsubishi to cancel diesel Lancer rally program

    click to enlarge
    Just weeks after debuting its new diesel racing Lancer in the 2009 Dakar Rally in South America, Mitsubishi has pulled the plug on the program. In a terse statement (available after the jump) the company blamed the declining economic situation for its withdrawal from cross country ...

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    Will the economy force Obama to back off on efficiency plans?

    When president-elect Barack Obama nominated Dr. Steven Chu to be the next Secretary of Energy last week, he made his stance on energy and the environment abundantly clear. Chu has long been outspoken as a believer in human-caused global warming and the need to address the problem aggressively. Part ...

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    More details on Honda's color-changing Ecological Drive Assist System

    We got our first look at Honda's Ecological Drive Assist System in LA last week. Now, Honda has released images of the Japanese Insight's EDAS which shows us the color-changing speedometer background that is used in the system's guidance function. If the color behind the number is green, you're ...

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    Car dealers worried about car sales in $4 gas era

    With American drivers nervously eying $4 gallons of gas, another group of people is getting that sinking feeling in the stomach as well: car dealers. Automotive News (subs req'd) says that Chrysler co-President Jim Press set the stage for 2008 car sales by saying, "This year is going to be a pretty ...

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    Find your mileage from your mobile

    Perhaps this story has more to do with the proliferation of the Internet than it does about green car trends, but here we go anyway. We all know that you can check to find out what the fuel mileage of current and past cars is or was. Anybody who carries an internet-capable cell ...

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    Roundtable economists discuss the impact of increased ethanol production

    About a minute into this video, the roundtable group of Aaron Task, John Authers, Jim Ellis and Liz Ann Sonders speak about ethanol and its impact on the farming industry and economics in general. Nobody sounds really excited about the ethanol market. As any reader of this site already knows, ...

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    Love your wallet: eleven fuel saving tips to put money back in your pocket

    Over the last few years fuel prices, and by extension vehicle economy, have come into focus as a major factor for a lot of household's budgets. Think about for a moment what percentage of your weekly budget disappears into the tank. Now, would you like some of that back? Its easier than you think ...

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    Free parking at BP, but only if you're driving green

    In a move similar to London's push to charge for parking on a sliding scale related to vehicle emissions, employees at BP's Alternative Energy facility in Houston receive free parking if they drive the very greenest vehicles. BP pays for its employees parking based on their vehicle's emission ...

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    NYT on diesel: Attractive but obstacles exist

    Even though Volkswagen's recent announcement it is cancelling three diesel models for 2007, there still is hope for a thriving diesel market in the U.S. The New York Times reports on the general market for diesel, which promises to grow in the U.S. Buyers of SUVs and cars that normally opt for ...

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    8000 mpg anyone?

    A British inventor, Andy Green from the University of Bath, believes his new three-wheel TeamGreen car is capable of doing 8000 miles to the gallon in UK units, which corresponds to 6660 mpg in US units. The car isn't an advanced prototype made of unobtanium, but costs just £2,000 to build, ...


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