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    Exclusive: The two sides of Bridgestone's new off-road tire plant in Aiken, SC

    Bridgestone is in an interesting position. On the one hand, the tire manufacturer wants to increase its green credentials with its line of Ecopia products. These are low-rolling resistance tires that improve efficiency by around five or six percent and are now available in 50 sizes that fit ...

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    Report: Nissan Leaf fast charges through 10 European countries

    Good thing our friends at Green Car Reports read Dutch. We hope. Apparently, three Nissan Leaf electric vehicles tag-team traveled more than 7,700 miles across 10 countries across northern Europe in six weeks as part of an effort to promote Bridgestone's Ecopia Tires. The teams started in ...

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    Bridgestone adds more sizes to fuel-saving Ecopia EP422 tire lineup

    Bridgestone has announced the expansion of its fuel-saving Ecopia EP422 low-rolling resistance tire lineup from five to 29 sizes, ranging from 15- to 18-inch tires sized specifically for vehicles like the Toyota Prius, Chevy Malibu, Nissan Altima and Honda Odyssey. All Ecopia EP422 tires feature ...

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    Bridgestone launches Ecopia low-rolling resistance tire for tractor trailers

    There are countless tips and tricks out there that supposedly help boost fuel economy on any car, but the reality is that most are dubious or only provide fuel savings that are barely worth measuring. However, there is an oft-overlooked item that's standard on just about anything that rolls down ...

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    Chicago 2010: Bridgestone's new tires can improve fuel economy by four percent

    Bridgestone Ecopia Tires – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Tires can really suck gas. Overcoming rolling resistance can account for anywhere between five and 15 percent of a light-duty vehicle's fuel consumption, and standard tires don't put a priority on reducing that resistance. ...


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