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    Official: NRG says $102 million EV station plan will create $185 million in spending

    NRG Energy, whose $122.5 million agreement to build a so-called "Electric Expressway" of electric-vehicle charging stations spurred a lawsuit against the state of California by smaller competitor Ecotality, says the agreement will produce about 80 percent more economic activity that it costs and ...

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    Report: Ecotality sues over NRG's $120m electric vehicle charging station settlement

    The lawsuit settlement we reported on a few weeks ago – the one that was supposed to result in a $100 million commitment to build up plug-in vehicle infrastructure in California – is coming under fire. The short back story (you can find all the details here. It involves the whole ...

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    Exclusive: EVS: After 24 million EV miles, Ecotality and Blink are ready for both CHAdeMO and SAE

    One can think about conspiracy theories that maybe that's the way they wanted it be. The Nissan Leaf is the most mainstream electric vehicle in the U.S., and it has a CHAdeMO DC fast-charge option. Ecotality's Blink network offers CHAdeMO chargers. Ecotality is the managing organization ...

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    Lots of electric vehicle charging stations sitting unused in Tennessee

    At this early point in the plug-in car era, there are bound to be some logistical imbalances. For example, there are currently only 270 electric vehicles registered in the state of Tennessee. Compare this to about 500 public electric vehicle chargers already installed there. That makes sense, ...

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    Select IKEA stores to get Blink charging stations

    What goes well with Scandinavian modern style furniture? How about Blink charging stations? Yep, that's right. IKEA, the world's largest furniture retailer, has teamed with ECOtality to get Blink charging stations installed at ten of its stores out west by as early as fall 2011. ECOtality will ...

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    In depth: Car2go goes electric in San Diego

    When you're trying to reconfigure how people think about urban car "ownership" – by which we mean stripping out the ownership part and replacing it with the idea of having access to a car whenever you need one – the powertrain isn't really the most important part of the picture. This ...

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    AeroVironment to install quick-charge stations along Oregon's I-5 corridor

    The Oregon Department of Transportation has turned to AeroVironment to install quick-charge stations along the I-5 corridor from California in the south to the Willamette Valley region in the north. This install is part of the West Coast Green Highway project – a vision for a consistent ...

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    Pike says Coulomb Technologies is best EVSE vendor, ECOtality in 2nd place

    According to the latest Pike Pulse report, two electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) companies stand out among the competition in strategy and execution: Coulomb Technologies and Ecotality, with one above the other. The "Pike Pulse Report: Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment" evaluated 10 ...

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    Ecotality installs 1,000th Blink Level 2 residential charging station

    On Monday, Ecotality announced that it had completed the installation of its 1,000th Blink Level 2 residential charging station, marking a significant milestone in the deployment of plug-in vehicle chargers in the U.S. Installations of Blink residential charging stations began in early 2011, ...

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    Energy Secretary Chu says more than 1,800 charging stations have been installed under Recovery Act

    Last Friday, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced that to date, more than 1,800 plug-in vehicle charging stations have been installed under the Recovery Act's $400-million Transportation Electrification Initiative. Coulomb Technologies, ECOtality, General Motors and others have installed ...

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    This is what it's like to live with the Nissan Leaf

    The truth is, I blogged about the Nissan Leaf long before owning it, and now that my family has logged several hundred miles on it as both a commuter and weekend family car, I suppose it is time to share some observations. I'll omit the usual clever intro and jump right in: The Leaf is not ...

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    Ecotality to install Blink chargers at Fred Meyer stores in Oregon, Washington

    More than a handful of Fred Meyer supermarkets located in the states of Washington and Oregon will soon feature some juiced-up parking spaces, courtesy of Ecotality's Blink Level 2 plug-in vehicle charging stations. Melinda Merrill, a spokeswoman for the Portland-based grocery retailer (a ...

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    Roush kicks off production of Ecotality's Blink charging stations

    Back in July of 2010, Ecotality unveiled its two-tone, classically styled line of Blink charging stations. Last Friday, the Level II Blink chargers, which feature wireless connectivity provided by Sprint and Cisco's network integration, began rolling off the lines at Roush Manufacturing in Livonia, ...

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    Ecotality's EV Project expands to include San Francisco Bay Area

    Ecotality has quickly strung together one of the largest electric vehicle initiatives in the U.S. With the addition of Texas back in July and expanding to include the San Francisco Bay Area earlier this month, Ecotality's EV Project now reaches 17 cities and major metropolitan areas in six states ...

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    Ecotality partners with Cisco to connect Blink charger network

    Earlier this month, Ecotality, Inc. announced its partnership with Sprint Nextel to wirelessly connect its Blink plug-in vehicle charging stations. Now, Ecotality has revealed that its Blink charger network is fully integrated with Cisco's Home Energy Management Solution (HEMS) and tied into ...

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    Sprint connects Ecotality's Blink charger network

    Ecotality, Inc., has partnered with Sprint Nextel to wirelessly connect its Blink plug-in vehicle charging stations. By utilizing Sprint's Command Center, Ecotality will be able to link its nationwide chargers and control Machine-to-Machine (M2M) provisioning, billing, device maintenance and ...

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    ECOtality scores $10m from ABB; will use funds for EV Project

    ABB Group, a provider of power and automation technologies that can enable utility customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact, has invested $10 million in ECOtality, Inc. Aside from the monetary investment, ECOtality and ABB have signed a North American ...

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    Cracker Barrel to install high-speed plug-in vehicle charging stations at 24 Tennessee restaurants

    Crackel Barrel Old Country Store, the restaurant chain that's modeled to represent a time when Americans spent much of their day lounging around in rocking chairs on covered porches, will steam into the 21st century by installing Blink electric vehicle charging stations, provided under ...

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    ECOtality outlines plans to electrify Phoenix metro area; 960 chargers coming soon

    ECOtality charger map for Phoenix area – Click above for high-res image
    The EV Project, launched by ECOtality, will eventually deploy a massive charging infrastructure in major cities throughout six states. The project aims to pave the way for the successful rollout of electric vehicles ...

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    ECOtality unveils new Blink DC fast-charge station, will install 45 at BP, ARCO locations

    Last month, Eaton and Murphy Oil USA teamed up to demonstrate the convenience of electric vehicle (EV) charging at gas stations. Now, ECOtality, BP and ARCO are joining in on the action as well. Under terms of this agreement, ECOtality will install 45 fast-charging stations – you know, the ...

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