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    Ed Begely, Jr's RAV4 EV taken off eBay, moved to Craigslist

    You may recall earlier this month that noted environmentalist and celebrated actor Ed Begley, Jr. was auctioning his own 2002 Toyota RAV4 EV on eBay. Bidding got up to $13,655 without meeting the reserve, and the auction ended on June 12 without a sale. Now, though, the well-loved electric Toyota ...

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    Auctions: eBay find of the day: Ed Begley's Toyota RAV4 EV
    Get a classic electric vehicle in good condition and with lots of cred 1402085820

    You might know Ed Begley, Jr. from his Emmy-nominated role on St. Elsewhere or as one of the dead drummers in This Is Spinal Tap, his appearances on Arrested Development, Six Feet Under, and Battlestar Galactica, his reality show Living With Ed or from his years as an environmental activist (or, ...

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    Mercedes helps Hollywood's eco-chic get more "chic" with their "eco"

    Robert Downey Jr. on set with his Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid
    As America's patron saint of automobiles Jay Leno likes to say, we Americans want people to know about the good things we're doing anonymously. That's got to be at least part of the reason so many celebs ditched their limos for ...

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    Daryl Hannah ridin' her hybrid electric bike

    We all need celebrities to remind us how to act, right? Sometimes it seems that way. But, as long as the fact remains that people do what they see celebs doing, it's definitely a good thing to highlight when a well known person like Daryl Hannah chooses to go eco-friendly by riding an electric ...

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    Ed Begley, Jr. goes cross-country (6,284 miles) in a Prius

    Getting ready for the second season of Living with Ed and doing some promotion for greener living, Ed Begley, Jr. is taking to the American road. Begley wil go from LA to Fla. to D.C. and back. Intent on saving money and jet fuel, Begley is driving himself rather than flying. We find this note on ...

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    AFVI Show: Tuesday morning general session with Ed Begley, Jr and maple syrup

    The Tuesday morning general session started with the news of Monday's Supreme Court decision, which obviously directly affected the conference participants. Here are a few highlights from the rest of what was talked about.Ed Begley, Jr. gave a wide-ranging talk (promoting just about every green ...

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    The Phoenix all electric SUT was officially launched on 03/01 at the Peterson Auto Museum in Los Angeles

    I won't delve into the details of the Phoenix SUT, as they have been covered here before. The basics are that this is an electric vehicle that will act just like any other four door pickup truck for 130 miles at a time between charges. I am seriously considering getting one when I replace my ...

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    Final episode of Living With Ed featuring Bill Nye the Science Guy airs tonight

    If there happens to be some time left in your TV viewing schedule tonight (there might be something else on today, I'll have to check), the finale is airing tonight on HGTV. We got an email from Amie Kershbaum on behalf of HGTV saying that tonight's episode will be the "final episode of the show." ...

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    Living with Ed checks out SEMA, Jay Leno's green rides on Sunday

    Ed Begley, Jr.'s new green reality show, Living With Ed, premiered on HGTV on the first of the year. While I'm sure most of our readers would be interested in a lot of the environmental issues Mr. Boba Fett (yes, he played Boba Fett on the radio back in the day) bounty hunts on his show each week, ...

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    Alt Car Expo: Ed Begley and Terry Tamminen on Ending our Addiction to Oil Now

    At the Alt Car Expo on Saturday, Ed Begley, wearing a "Living with Ed" t-shirt and proudly promoting his upcoming show, introduced his friend Terry Tamminen. Tamminen was the keynote speaker on Saturday, and his talk, "End our Addiction to Oil Now," was based off of information in his book, Lives ...

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    Can co-habitating with Ed Begley Jr. result in a funny reality TV show?

    What do you think life is like living with a fanatical, hybrid-driving environmentalist? You can find out on yet another reality show, this time on HGTV, will feature Ed Begley Jr. and his tolerating wife, Rachelle Carson. The 6-episode series, which the press release called "hilarious and feisty," ...


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