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    Official: EDTA: Wall Street Journal attacked plug-in vehicles with "fuzzy math"

    First, we had Tesla's Elon Musk taking on The New York Times for what Musk said was bad math in the Times' review of the Model S. That dispute caught fire, resulting in what Musk said was a loss of up to $100 million in value. Now, here comes another criticism of a major publication's analysis of ...

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    Official: EDTA: EVs increase US national security by reducing need for oil

    "You want me on that wall," sneered Jack Nicholson's Colonel Jessup in A Few Good Men, "You need me on that wall." Well, we might need him a bit less if the government invests more in plug-in vehicle technology and infrastructure, according to the Electric Drive Transportation Association ...

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    Electric drive industry responds to A123's bankruptcy, takeover by Johnson Controls

    Something interesting happened after A123 Systems filed for bankruptcy last week: the plug-in vehicle industry circled the wagons. AutoblogGreen received press releases and statements from a variety of electric vehicle (EV) players that, when taken as a whole, seem to indicate this particular ...

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    Official: EDTA: Yes, federal tax incentives spur alt-fuel vehicle sales

    You won't say it, but we will. That's what the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) appears to be saying in a response to a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report on electric-drive vehicle incentives and their effect on vehicle sales. While the CBO report stayed away from ...

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    Official: EDTA: Plug-in vehicles are successful, but auto industry "didn't build that"

    Following a recent speech by President Obama that included the fateful words "you didn't build that," the latest political game in the U.S., for some reason, is for his opponents to claim (falsely) that absolutely nothing was made or even assisted by the government. Therefore, it'll be ...

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    EVS: EDTA president Brian Wynne responds to right-wing attacks, says EV progress is "truly astounding"

    Brian Wynne recently wrote an article for Politico with the clear title: "Stop bashing electric cars." Wynne, the president of the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA), helmed the 26th Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS26) in Los Angeles this week and sat down with AutoblogGreen to talk ...

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    EDTA to Congress: don't steal AVTM money to fund FEMA

    On Tuesday, the House Appropriations Committee approved the FY12 Homeland Security Appropriations bill (pdf). As part of this bill, the Committee pushed through an amendment that adds $1 billion in funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) disaster relief fund. That's all fine ...

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    Senate Democrat worries dealers might take unfair advantage of proposed plug-in vehicle tax credit-to-rebate switch

    Senate Democrat Max Baucus, the chairman of the finance committee, has scrutinized President Obama's proposal to convert the $7,500 tax credit for plug-in vehicles to a point-of-purchase rebate, according to Automotive News (sub. req.) and thinks there's a potential problem. In February, Obama ...

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    EDTA's Brian Wynne: "We don't do well with bans on choices"

    EDTA Chief rejects Euro-style interventions for EV market growth In an exclusive discussion with AutoblogGreen at the 2011 Electric Drive Transportation Association's (EDTA) annual conference this week in Washington, D.C., EDTA president Brian Wynne rejected EV-only mandates as a way to drive ...

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    EDTA 2011: "85 miles is the best case scenario" for Mitsubishi i electric

    Mitsubishi's much delayed electric car for America, the Mitsubishi i, will be launched with demo units in November 2011 for phase 1 markets in the West Coast U.S., followed by the North East region in March 2012 and a nationwide launch in the fall of 2012. Along with the attractive price of ...

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    LA 2010: EDTA revs up new electric drive website

    Now that the first plug-in vehicles from major automakers are about to arrive in people's dirveways, some of the long-time players in the space are getting products for electric vehicle drivers – and soon-to-be-drivers – ready. One example is a new Go Electric Drive website that was ...

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    DC 2010: EDTA president Brian Wynne: "This is not your father's automotive business"

    Brian Wynne, president of the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA), was a busy man at the Washington Auto Show/EDTA Conference this week. Considering all of the attention being focused on the industry his association represents, this isn't a big surprise. But, after almost six years ...

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    DC 2010: Would a federal diesel tax rebate be in order? Diesel coalition thinks so

    Last year, BorgWarner and Robert Bosch LLC founded the U.S. Coalition for Advanced Diesel Cars. For the first anniversary party, the group is present in the EDTA advanced technology section of the Washington Auto Show to announce three new menbers – Tenneco, Dow Automotive and Umicore ...

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    Greenlings: PHEV? DSG? VMT? A guide to common green vehicle acronyms

    Deciphering the new vocabulary of the green car movement can sometimes be a real head scratcher. To alleviate as much confusion as possible, we would like to present our readers with a list of common acronyms and what they mean, with plenty of links for more information. If you have some TLAs ...

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    GM's Volt line director, Tony Posawatz, becomes new EDTA co-chairman

    Remember how we were all excited when the picture above first appeared? It was our first official (if leaked) look at the production version of the Chevy Volt, and I bet a lot of people were saying to themselves, "Man, if that dude in the picture would just get out of the frakking way, we'd be able ...

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    EDTA 2008: Prototype Toyota plug-in Prius is locked, darn it

    click above image for a high-resolution gallery of the plug-in Prius
    At the EDTA Conference this week in DC, a nicely-decorated plug-in Prius sat in the Toyota booth. As you can see in this picture, the prototype was locked and this was duly noted in stickers on each door. We briefly spotted ...

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    EDTA 2008: Dueco Hybrid Power truck

    Click above image for high-res image gallery of the Dueco hybrid truck
    For big jobs, only a big hybrid will do. This is where the Dueco/Odyne plug-in hybrid (PHEV) trucks come in. These heavy duty vehicles can save 5-10 gallons of fuel a day, according to Dueco, and that adds up quickly, even ...

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    EDTA 2008: GM shows off EcoCar Saturn Vue

    click above image for a high-resolution gallery of the GM EcoCar
    Last year, at the end of the Challenge X, GM announced the EcoCar competition for engineering students at universities in North America to rework a GM vehicle to be better and cleaner. The Challenge X teams worked on Chevrolet ...

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    EDTA 2008: Medium Speed Vehicle Coalition makes the case for 35 mph electric cars

    click above image for a high-resolution gallery of the Columbia Mega
    Right now, there are two types of electric passenger cars: low speed half-cars that appeal only to a small subset of drivers (see: Miles EV's current lineup, E-Z-Go golf carts, etc.) and highway speed vehicles that are either way ...

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    EDTA: government support for plug-in vehicles growing

    With a plug-in hybrid credit valued up to $7,500 now on the books (get more details here), the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) is looking past next week's big presidential election and trying to gauge the political landscape. EDTA president Brian Wynne sent out an email to EDTA ...


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