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    Report: Terry McAuliffe leaves MyCar EV startup

    Being one of the founders of an electric car company can be a bittersweet experience, as top executives at Aptera, Tesla and Fisker have found out. We can now add another name to the list: Terry McAuliffe, founder of GreenTech Automotive, quietly stepped out of the picture late last year. This ...

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    Report: What changes might green car policies see under a Romney presidency?

    A downward-revised Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standard and a push away from electric-drive vehicles and towards alt-fuel types such as natural gas may be some of the transportation measures in store if Mitt Romney beats Barack Obama in the US presidential election next month, ...

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    Video: President Obama reveals secret Chevy Volt joyride to Jay Leno

    President Barack Obama has been near a Chevrolet Volt before, but he's never had the chance to have a proper drive of one. That changed recently when a Volt-driving friend came to the White House for a visit and let Obama take it for a spin on the grounds. It became the source of a "secret" the ...

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    Report: How Romney and Obama differ on fossil fuels and the energy debate

    Last week, Mitt Romney released a comprehensive energy plan. While taking a backseat to the economy and job creation, energy issues have been discussed regularly by presidential candidates Romney and Barack Obama, and their viewpoints diverge widely. In its online magazine, conservative think ...

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    Vote and save gas with Zimride's "Carpool to the Polls"

    There's no question that a lot of people will visit the voting booth on November 4th in the U.S. If you're a first-time voter or a longtime participant who'd like to share your democratic adventure with someone a little green-minded, John Zimmer and Zimride would like you to carpool your way to the ...

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    Video: Ron Paul on ethanol subsidies "I don't think we should do that"

    What does Ron Paul think about ethanol subsidies? Ron thinks they are unconstitutional and that allowing farmers to raise hemp is the right solution. Here is Ron's full response, as you can see in the video above, to the question "What are your views and policies on subsidizing ethanol ...

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    Video: Maher's maple syrup car on Letterman

    The late night talk shows are back! David Letterman has a beard and recently had Bill Maher as a guest. At about 7 minutes into the interview above, Bill and Dave talk about the Iowa primary and ethanol. Bill says the candidates pay "homage" to ethanol because it's made from corn and Iowa has corn. ...

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    John Edwards says he will revive EVs, attacks Hillary on ethanol

    In an interview with TechCrunch, presidential hopeful John Edwards says he will bring the electric car back from the dead. John says there is a trend of having America develop technologies like the electric car only to have other countries lead on deploying and marketing. Many candidates have ...

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    Video: Hillary Clinton says she changed position on ethanol because transportation cost is no longer a factor

    digg_url = ''; In the above video, Hillary explains her shift from voting against ethanol to supporting it in her energy plan. Hillary says she voted against ethanol on behalf of her constituents because ...

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    Obama: Clinton made a "major reversal" on ethanol

    Barack Obama says that now that Hillary Clinton has changed from an anti-ethanol position to one supporting ethanol in her new energy plan, she might switch back under pressure. Here's what he said:It's hard to believe that she is a strong ethanol supporter given her track record and this is ...

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    Hillary Clinton's energy plan calls for 55 MPG, $10,000 PHEV tax credit and much more

    Hillary Clinton's energy plan includes a fuel efficiency standard of 55 MPG by 2030. For comparison, Edwards proposes 40 MPG by 2016, Bill Richardson 50 MG by 2020 and Obama 40 MPG by 2016 but with a 4 percent increase each year. The Energy Bill, currently being debated, may be 35 MPG by 2020. ...

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    Will Fred Thompson drive around America in a pickup truck for his campaign?

    What are the chances that Fred Thompson drives around America in a pickup truck for his campaign? Not very good, I'd say. But hey, it has worked out all right for him before. Back in '94, Thompson bought a red pickup truck and drove around Tennessee to campaign for the Senate. After Al Gore became ...

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    Vote Green concerns come from Clean Air Watch

    Frank O'Donnell is president of Clean Air Watch and has identified key election races and issues of concern for those who vote with a green conscience. He first asks if the environment plays a significant role in voter decisions, citing conflicting polls. But he also emphasizes that in very tight ...

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    Is there an oil conspiracy before the elections?

    Do you think it's a coincidence that gasoline and crude oil prices are falling just before the mid-term elections? Political pundits and commentators are busy trying to piece together the makings of a conspiracy. According to a USA Today poll, a significantly large part of the public thinks the ...


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