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electric ATV

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    Two Wheels: Polaris bets big on Brammo, could deal bring electric Indians?

    While Brammo's production arrangement with Flextronics was a pretty significant deal, their latest strategic partnership may prove even more momentous. Powersports powerhouse Polaris Industries has helped close out its $28 million series B funding round in style and committed to synergistically ...

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    Video: Epic pitches electric Amp side-by-side with wasp slaying, off-road action promo

    How can an EV save your life when giant insects attack? California-based electric vehicle manufacturer Epic has an answer in a new promo touting the off-road ability of its Amp ATV, a rugged, all-electric four-wheeler that features "silent mode." In the spot, two hunters hit the trails to test ...

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    Avid launches E-Warrior, an electric utility vehicle priced to sell

    Occasionally, our search to cover all types of battery-powered vehicles takes us off road and on to paths less traveled. That's the forte of UK-based Avid's newly launched electric utility vehicle, the E-Warrior. Boasting superior off-road performance, the E-Warrior is designed for applications ...

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    Epic Torq and Amp photo bomb yields revealing details

    Epic EV Torq – Click above for high-res image gallery
    While Epic Electric Vehicles have said they will reveal more about their somewhat eccentric lineup this autumn, they must have felt a little sorry for those of us impatiently waiting because they have dropped a bomb. A big fat juicy ...

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    Buy a Bad Boy Buggie, kill save big bucks

    Bad Boy Buggies markets its tough all-terrain vehicles using the slogan "They'll Never Hear You Coming" to hunters who generally are of a mind to slay whatever bucks they can track down. Well, now they can save them too. No, not the four-legged woodland creatures with the white fur on the ...

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    Barefoot Motors officially opens doors for business

    Having just recently returned home from the TTXGP at the Isle of Man, where its race bike managed a very respectable second-place finish in its class, Barefoot Motors has officially opened its doors. The event, complete with a ceremonial ribbon-cutting ceremony, took place June 25th in Ashland, ...

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    Leave the emissions at home: Electric Peugeot Capsule concept

    Peugeot Capsule concept - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    According to South African designer Alp Germaner, the Peugeot Capsule concept is a single-seat off-road vehicle that was inspired by do-everything adventure touring motorcycles like the Kawasaki KLR 650. Unlike a motorcycle, ...

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    As seen on TV: Barefoot electric ATV from Mythbusters nearing production

    Electric vehicles seem to have a bright future ahead of them. Although it may take a little while before a majority of our cars and trucks are running on electrons instead of gasoline, there appears to be a slice of the recreational market that's ready to make the switch now. Just over a year ago, ...


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