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electric bicycle

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    Video: Electric Diggler is a pedal-less on-/off-road scooter that looks like a ton of fun

    Electric Diggler - Click above to watch video after the jump
    What moves without pedal-power or with assistance from a gas engine? Well, electric cars do, as do rowboats, the second hand on a clock, bipeds and a flock of geese, but we're not looking for answers like that right now. We're talking ...

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    Hanebrink electric bike: The new all-terrain vehicle

    Fortune Hanebrink, based in Big Bear Lake, CA, has come up with a pedal-assist electric bike that can get you through a variety of off-road conditions as well as up a hill with ease. It separates itself from other electric bikes both visually and functionally with its eight-inch-wide tubeless ...

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    Bosch to unveil solar-charged electric e-bike at Solar Power International 2010

    Bosch Solar Energy will unveil its e-bike concept at the upcoming Solar Power International 2010 (SPI). SPI is North America's largest business-to-business solar event and hits the Los Angeles Convention Center for three straight days starting tomorrow. The e-bike concept combines Bosch's newly ...

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    Video: NEVs lookout, Onya Cycles' Front End Loader is the new electric grocery getter in town

    Onya Cycles! Front-End Loader – Click above to watch video after the jump
    It's crude and looks like nothing more than a dreamy garage project created in a single weekend, but Saul Griffith's electric Front-End Loader aims to answer the question: who needs a car when you've got pedals and ...

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    VIDEO: Jay Leno rolls like a million bucks on $80,000 BlackTrail BT-01

    BlackTrail BT-01 – Click above to watch video after the jump
    You know who you are. You care deeply about the environment and know the importance of looking cool. Also, you've got buckets of cash. You've been waiting to throw down $80 grand on a Fisker Karma but you're tired of the ...

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    Want a bicycle with an "invisible" electric motor and a top speed of 56 mph?

    Now that bikes – and walking – are becoming more popular, it's time to answer this question: How fast is too fast on a bicycle? How about a bicycle that uses an electric motor hidden inside the frame? We think the answer, whatever it is, is the same not matter which bike you're on and ...

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    Engadget gets some seat time on the YikeBike folding electric two-wheeler

    When we're not dreaming about super-clean cars, we enjoy getting around town on our bikes. Who doesn't? We haven't had a chance to take the YikeBike, the 21st century version of the penny-farthing, for a spin, but the lucky punks at Engadget did, and it sounds like the crew's short hands-on time ...

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    Study: 466 million electric two-wheelers by 2016

    Brammo Enertia and TTR race bike – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We've certainly noticed an increase of choices in the electric bicycle, motorcycle and scooter markets over the last few years, and that's especially true in emerging markets like India and China. Many people can't ...

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    VIDEO: World's Smallest Electric Bicycle

    World's Smallest Electric Bike – Click above to watch the video after the break
    Here in the U.S. of A., we like everything big. The bigger the better, in fact. Somewhat paradoxically, though, it would seem that the next best thing to having the World's Largest Thingamajig is having the ...

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    China not feeling the love for electric bicycles any more

    E-bikes in China – Click above to watch video after the jump
    How cool are electric bicycles? Not all that cool, according to traffic authorities in China, where the number of e-bikes climbed from 50,000 a year ago to maybe 120 million today. That's an absurd adoption rate, and there has ...

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    Hirsch Design develops Comoto electric bike, plans production later this year

    Comoto electric bike – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Just how small and light can an electric motorcycle be while still providing the performance and durability riders expect? That question may soon be answered by the 118-pound Comoto, designed by Hirsch Design and planned for ...

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    Reinventing the (bike) wheel with the Copenhagen Wheel

    Notice anything strange about the bike in the picture? The bright red hub isn't exactly subtle, but it does hide some impressive tech. Called the Copenhagen Wheel, this is a device developed by the SENSEable City Lab at MIT that basically can turn a normal bike into a connected electric bicycle ...

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    Electric Bicycle World Tour to last three years, well under way

    While some think driving around the world in 80 days is a good way to promote the environmentally-friendly possibilities of electric transport, others prefer to take the slow road. In this case, three years worth of slow road. This past May, Guin Valls set out from Beijing, China on a journey ...

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    MIT GreenWheel: Simply an electric bicycle revolution

    One definition of the word elegant is "to be gracefully concise and simple." In the future, the dictionary just might include the GreenWheel as a product that illustrates this principle perfectly. From the MIT Smartcities team that gave us the stackable cars concept and the RoboScooter (still a ...

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    Instructable of the Day: 48-Volt electric bicycle

    Click above for a gallery of the EV Board Tracker
    Electric bicycles are becoming more and more common as people see a need to get themselves and little else from one place to another. Bicycles are an excellent way to travel in any case, and now that electric motors, controllers and batteries are ...

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    Bricycle: an electric recumbent bicycle

    Click above for more images of the Bricycle ConceptA man by the name of Brian has taken an interesting approach to designing an eco-friendly vehicle to replace some of the single-passengers cars driving all over the roads in America, and he calls it the Bricycle. Using three wheels -- one up front ...

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    One design for a collapsible electric bicycle train

    Click above for more images of the electric bike trainRecently, while searching the net for the most interesting forward-thinking ideas around, we stumbled across a design for an electric bicycle which works sort of like a train. Sure, that sounds confusing, but a quick glance at the pictures below ...

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    Ultra Motor takes you from A2B

    Somewhere between a normal pedal-powered bicycle and an electric scooter lies a class of vehicle which keeps the ability to pedal and adds some assisted power via a small battery pack. This new generation of vehicle is just as useful as the good old moped, except that the electric motor is free of ...

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    VIDEO: Optibike OB1 lets you use the force

    The folks at Optibike have been building electric bikes for a few years and that experience now manifests itself in their ultimate creation, the new OB1. It takes the signature Optibike part, the patented Motorized Bottom Bracket (MBB) that uses a derailleur system to give you the optimum gear ...

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    Electric Motion Systems E+ ebike: great features, high price

    Click on the image for more high-resolution shots of the E+ digg_url = ''; Electric bikes are becoming an increasingly intriguing option for commuters who live relatively close to work or for avid outdoor ...


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