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    Two Wheels: Visiobike is an e-bike with a smartphone's brains [w/video]

    Bicycling is a great, environmentally friendly way to get around town, but, let's face it, sometimes pedaling sucks. E-bikes are a wonderful compromise, especially for those uphill climbs, offering a bit of electronic assistance when you need it. Combine that with smart technology, a rear-view ...

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    Official: Feddz electric bike with swappable battery hits Europe this month

    Garage chargers? We don't need no stinkin' garage chargers. Germany-based Feddz is getting ready to start European sales of its electric bike, and, to do so, it's touting a removable-battery system that makes garage chargers unnecessary, if not almost quaint. The bike comes in variants that have ...

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    Review: A2B Alva+ E-Bike
    A Great Scooter Alternative For Commuters 1386349080

    Electric-assist bicycles continue to enter the marketplace along with electric and extended-range electric vehicles. And while they can bring tears to a cyclist's wallet without any federal or state credits to lighten the financial wallop, riding them can be addictive. We recently rode the BMW ...

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    Two Wheels: Behance nCycle is a better electric bike design, ready for your smartphone

    Simply put, the nCycle is unlike any bicycle – or electric bike – we've ever seen. Most e-bikes just add a motor to a sturdy but conventional bike. The nCycle takes the concept further, with a design that is both futuristic and functional. This is a two-wheeler for the smartphone ...

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    Video: Lessons learned spinning around Hong Kong on a Brammo Enertia

    A biker in Hong Kong shot video for 20 minutes riding an electric Brammo Enertia. Here's a few observations from viewing it, which you can do below: The Enertia doesn't have a mild humming electric motor, like the Nissan Leaf. It's a piercing noise that cranks up while driving uphill and ...

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    Two Wheels: Brammo gets GE Capital financing to sell more e-bikes

    More plug-in motorcycles? We're in, says General Electric. GE Capital reached an agreement with Brammo to provide financing necessary for the e-bike maker to expand its inventory. The agreement will help Oregon-based Brammo expand its dealer network. This isn't the first time GE has stood behind ...

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    Official: Audi unveils power-wheelie-ing e-bike in Austria

    Audi this week is following up companies such as Daimler AG's Smart division by unveiling a battery-powered bicycle for two-wheeled enthusiasts. And this one can do wheelies and has the power-to-weight ratio of an A4. Audi's e-bike Wörthersee, named after the town in Austria, has a top ...

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    Official: Is it the ForOne? Smart will start e-bike deliveries in UK this month

    Daimler's Smart division, best known for its ForTwo two-seat vehicles, will start deliveries of its battery-electric bikes in the UK this month after winning a Red Dot Design Award. The bike, which was unveiled last year, has a 250-watt electric motor and a battery that can provide as many as 62 ...

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    Official: Smart unveiling Brabus-edition Fortwo EV, e-bike at Geneva show

    Daimler's Smart minicar division will unveil both a battery-electric version of the Smart Brabus special-edition line and a Smart Brabus electric bike at the Geneva Motor Show this year. The Smart Brabus electric drive Fortwo will be available in 12 countries by the end of the year. Parent company ...

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    Report: San Francisco Bay Area will get e-bike sharing program

    For anyone looking to find out if an electric-powered bike can make it up Telegraph Hill's Filbert Street in San Francisco, you'll soon get your chance. The San Francisco Bay Area will be the site of an electric-bike sharing program designed to replace car trips in and around San Francisco and ...

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    Stylish T20 bamboo scooter hides its electric side

    If you thought electric scooters were just for little tots or adults who don't realize how unhip they look on a kid-sized Razor, well, then you've yet to feast your eyes on the ultra-modern T20 electric scooter designed by French firm Fritsch-Durisotti. Frenchman Antoine Fritsch has managed to ...

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    Frankfurt: Ford E-Bike Concept debuts in Frankfurt

    If you're at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show basking in the glory of stunning concepts like the Ford Evos, then you might catch a glimpse of a futuristic e-bicycle from Ford. Even though Ford is following behind other automakers – Smart, for example – the Dearborn automaker says the ...

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    Frankfurt: Smart whirs $4,000 ebike into Frankfurt

    Well, if they can't quite master the business case for small city cars, maybe Smart will resort to two-wheelers as part of their plan to become the world's urban savior. First revealed at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, the electric Smart ebike shown here will go on sale in 2012 and is set to cost ...

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    A light bulb's worth of energy to take father & son on cross country tour

    100 watts of power power may not sound like much in the world of automobiles. Heck, a Nissan Leaf can churn out 80,000 watts, but that doesn't mean if it can't get you places. Pierce Hoover, an inventor and journalist wanted to teach his son about being energy conscious, and to show him that the ...

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    Awesome Deliver-E trike is an electrified postal dream machine

    Since the 1980s, the Australia Post has counted on the Honda CT110 to deliver letters across the continent. Simon Williams thinks it's about time for a change. Williams, who invented the Deliver-E (say it out loud), thinks he's created the trike to replace the CT110 as Australia's "Postie Bike." ...

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    China BAK to supply 20,000 lithium-ion batteries to Xidesheng Bicycle

    China BAK, a manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, has signed a contract to supply 20,000 lithium-ion cells to Xidesheng Bicycle, one of China's leading producers of electric bikes (e-bikes). Xiangqian Li, chief executive officer of China BAK, remarked on the significance of diving into the ...

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    Sinclair X-1 is a bubbly electric bike that's priced right [w/video]

    Sinclair X-1 - Click above to watch video after the jump
    To us, the Sinclair X-1 looks like a recumbent bike trapped within a bubble. Lo and behold, that's what it is. Well, sort of. Sinclair technically calls the X-1 an electric vehicle (EV) because it's powered by a lithium-ion battery pack ...

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    Motion Dynamics Group rolls out the $2,495 Neltron solar-electric bike

    The image is crude and the website ain't all that hot either, but Motion Dynamics Group's Neltron Solar E-Bike, priced at $2,495, appears to be rather impressive. Motion Dynamics describes the Neltron as a pedal-assisted electric bike designed for flat-road applications. The Solar E-Bike is ...

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    Video: Electric Diggler is a pedal-less on-/off-road scooter that looks like a ton of fun

    Electric Diggler - Click above to watch video after the jump
    What moves without pedal-power or with assistance from a gas engine? Well, electric cars do, as do rowboats, the second hand on a clock, bipeds and a flock of geese, but we're not looking for answers like that right now. We're talking ...

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    Hanebrink electric bike: The new all-terrain vehicle

    Fortune Hanebrink, based in Big Bear Lake, CA, has come up with a pedal-assist electric bike that can get you through a variety of off-road conditions as well as up a hill with ease. It separates itself from other electric bikes both visually and functionally with its eight-inch-wide tubeless ...


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