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electric boat

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    Video: New Electric builds beautiful battery-powered boats

    Amsterdam is a city of canals and those historic waterways are home to many boats. Many noisy, polluting boats. It could be, though, that by 2020 only electric craft will be allowed to ply these municipal waters, and one company is poised to take full advantage of this happy development. New ...

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    VIDEO: Translogic drives the 232SE all-electric wakeboard boat from Epic Boats

    Last year, we showed you an all-electric wakeboard boat that Epic Boats was showing off at the time. Since then, it has evolved into the 232 Sport Electric (SE). Now, Translogic's Bradley Hasemeyer has experienced the production-prototype's awesomeness from both behind the wheel and behind the ...

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    Hybrid drivetrains filtering down to boats

    Click above for a gallery of the Scout Boats 145 Hybrid
    These days, nearly every automaker - foreign or domestic - offers at least one vehicle with a hybrid powertrain. Those that don't have plans for hybrids in the future or have at least flirted with the idea in concept form. That technology is ...

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    SolidNav brings batteries onto the water with first all-electric boat motor

    Drive your electric SUV to the lake while towing a pontoon EV? We're getting closer to this image of a pure electron-driven traditional American summer weekend with a pair of new electric boat motors by SolidNav. The company has announced a new "green" line of motors, designed for sailboats and ...

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    VIDEO: Solar speedboat makes waves

    There's nothing quite like the sensation of shooting along a canal in a speed boat with no noisy engine to interfere with the sounds of the wind, water and wail of seagulls. That's what this video demonstrates (if you replace that wind, water and wail with Euro electro-pop) as we follow the Czeers ...

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    The Island Pilot DSe Hybrid uses diesel and solar electric drive

    Solar powered cars simply don't make much sense as everyday cars, simply because solar cells are too inefficient at this time to allow for enough juice to get you very far. Or, conversely, you might be able to go far, but not very fast! This might not be as much as a hindrance for ships, though. ...

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    Finally! A commercially available plug-in electric! Submarine?

    Isn't this what we have all been waiting for? A commercially available plug-in electric? This one in particular is capable of operation for 2.5 hours and can dive up to 150 feet. Wait a minute... dive? Yes, this is a submersible vessel, or a submarine. Huh. Pretty cool, and of course, it is ...


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