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    Report: Ford prepared for slow Focus Electric sales; battery costs $12-15,000

    Along with Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, Ford CEO Alan Mulally is confident in the growth of the electric car segment. It's a long-term play, though, so Mulally isn't committing the electric Ford Focus EV to making a strong sales statement. For now, Ford's chief says he'd be fine moving fewer ...

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    Spy Shots: Mystery EV sportscar spotted testing

    It's been a good long while since we visited the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot spy photography department. Our favorite snappers at CarPix were busily watching over a supplier test facility when the curiosity you see above inched its way out of hiding to perform one quick lap of the snow-covered track ...

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    Report: Hiriko folding electric car headed for production

    One very unusual electric car has debuted in Brussels. The Hiriko EV uses a hub-mounted electric motor at each wheel, though that's not the most interesting aspect of the vehicle. According to The Telegraph, the Hiriko uses an interesting rear suspension design that allows the vehicle to fold up, ...

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    Video: Translogic takes DeLorean DMC-EV for a spin

    This electric DeLorean is just a prototype, but our sister publication Translogic got to take it for a spin and found that a 260-horsepower electric motor finally makes the DMC-12 the sports car everyone has always wanted it to be. While we get to see plenty of footage of the car lapping Houston ...

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    Video: Green Overdrive tries the 2012 Mitsubishi i in San Francisco

    While we've already driven the 2012 Mitsubishi i and shared both its vital statistics and our impressions, we thought you might appreciate a second opinion. The video series Green Overdrive offers just that. With Katie Fehrenbacher behind the wheel, the crew spent a day with the all-electric, ...

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    Frankfurt: Volkswagen Nils Concept is a new take on urban transport

    Small, lightweight, electric and seats just one. That pretty much sums up the new Volkswagen Nils concept which was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show today. The sole occupant sits inside an ultra-light all-aluminum chassis with aluminum skin and polycarbonate door panels. According to the ...

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    South Korea pushes production of 120-mile EV up a few years

    Hyundai BlueOn EV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The government of South Korea once had a plan to develop a mid-size, all-electric sedan by the year 2017. It doesn't take much more than elementary math to realize that's six years away. Given that 10,000 Nissan Leafs are already ...

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    Gallup poll shows 57% of Americans won't buy an electric vehicle

    Think City – Click above for high-res image gallery
    A recent USA Today-Gallup poll shows that 57 percent of American drivers won't buy an electric vehicle (EV) – no matter how much a gallon of gas costs. That compares to 12 percent of respondents who will consider owning an EV ...

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    It's payback time from your "Cashback Car"

    Connected And Networked Electric Vehicles Have The Potential To Make EVs Viable Without Huge Incentives. The problem with lithium-ion batteries is that they're just still too costly. And heavy. And large. When the electric vehicles (EVs) that those batteries are installed in are actually being ...

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    Rumormill: Aston Martin working on Cygnet EV

    Here's a bit of news that's sure to acquaint faces with their respective palms all across the motoring world: word on the web is that Aston Martin is planning to produce an all-electric version of the company's new compact, the Cygnet. This, friends, is why people drink in the morning. The ...

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    This is what it's like to live with the Nissan Leaf

    The truth is, I blogged about the Nissan Leaf long before owning it, and now that my family has logged several hundred miles on it as both a commuter and weekend family car, I suppose it is time to share some observations. I'll omit the usual clever intro and jump right in: The Leaf is not ...

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    Wheego running low on cash; LiFe production may be stalled

    Back on Earth Day, Wheego delivered its first electric-only, $32,995 LiFe to Asma and Kevin Henry of Atlanta, GA. But, in order to continue manufacturing the highway-capable electric microcar, the Atlanta-based startup needs cash now, says Mike McQuary, chief executive officer of Wheego. McQuary ...

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    BYD, Daimler finalize electric vehicle design; prototype phase underway

    Back in March of 2010, Daimler and BYD linked up to develop an electric car for the booming Chinese market. In May 2010, the pair of automakers made the deal official, signing a joint venture (JV) contract in Beijing that established the Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co. Ltd. Then, last ...

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    Enterprise exec urges environmental sustainability in car rental industry

    At the 2011 Car Rental Show in Las Vegas, NV, Lee Broughton, Enterprise Holdings' corporate sustainability head, urged rental companies to aim for 'economic, social and environmental sustainability' – what he dubbed as the 'triple bottom line.' Broughton points out that with 1.6 million ...

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    VIDEO: ECOmove QBEAK driving topless, coupe version revealed

    After spending the Danish winter stuck inside – no doubt hanging upside down from the ceiling of someone's spacious white-walled loft because the little city commuter is just cool like that – the QBEAK by ECOmove has finally made it out of doors and was recently seen rolling happily ...

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    Audi looks to "wow" you with its electric cars

    At the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Frank van Meel, Audi's head of electromobility strategy, said that the firm is fond of the idea of a battery-powered car that "goes off like a catapult." Meel told Automotive News (sub. req.) that Audi is looking for "more or less the 'Wow!' effect" to prove ...

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    Mitsubishi: Longer, wider i has better "highway manners" than i-MiEV

    It was obvious, when Mitsubishi unveiled the U.S.-market battery-powered i at the 2010 LA Auto Show, that the new car was longer and wider than the original i-MiEV. The i's added length was needed, at least in part, to make the vehicle comply with U.S. safety regulations. As Maurice Durand, ...

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    Top-end Tesla Model S will cost $77,000; 5,000 units in all trim levels planned for 2012

    Tesla Model S – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Tesla recently held a celebration in honor of its newest store, located in Milan, Italy. At the event, customers and company-folk mingled while chatting about their favorite electric cars. One of the talking points was the upcoming ...

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    BYD, Daimler electric car development "making excellent progress"

    BYD e6 electric MPV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Last March, Daimler and BYD linked up to develop an electric car for the booming Chinese market. In May 2010, BYD and Daimler made the deal official, signing a joint venture (JV) contract in Beijing that established the Shenzhen ...

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    Google's investment in Transphorm could give electric cars more range

    Compared to gas and diesel vehicles, electric cars are incredibly efficient. It's a good thing too, since their batteries hold only a small fraction of the energy in a typical gas tank. As with most any technology, though, there is always room to boost efficiency. This is where start-up ...


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