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electric delivery truck

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    Official: Smith Electric finds $42 million lifeline in Sinopoly Battery Limited

    It looks like electric delivery truck maker Smith Electric Vehicles is getting plugged back in this summer. The Kansas City, MO-based company, which halted production last year, is getting a $42-million equity investment from Hong Kong-based lithium-ion battery maker Sinopoly Battery Ltd. The ...

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    UPS purchases 100 electric trucks for its California fleet

    UPS just announced that it has purchased 100 electric delivery vans for deployment in California, making it the single-largest implementation of zero-emissions delivery vehicles in the state of California. UPS says that because its vans rack up so many miles, replacing lots of older diesel-fueled ...

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    Canada Post adds Navistar eStar electric delivery van to fleet

    Canada Post operates the largest fleet of delivery vehicles in all of Canada and, until recently, its fleet lacked a single plug-in vehicle. Now, with the addition of a Navistar eStar electric van, Canada Post has at least one battery-powered package-hauling machine. The $150,000 Navistar ...

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    Frito-Lay to deploy 176 electric delivery trucks by end of 2011

    Frito-Lay, owners of the seventh-largest private fleet in the U.S., hopes to deploy up to 176 electric delivery trucks by the end of 2011. Beginning later this year, Frito-Lay will roll out a test fleet of 21 battery-powered delivery trucks designed and produced by Smith Electric Vehicles. This ...

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    Navistar begins commercial production of eStar electric cargo van, first four going to FedEx

    Less than a year ago, Navistar International was awarded $39 million in grants from the federal government. The money has gone a long way to help kick-off commercial production of the eStar, the company's first fully-electric cargo van. Navistar plans to build 4,000 eStar two-ton cargo vans by ...

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    Freightliner and Enova to develop all-electric truck chassis

    It seems as though the entry of newcomers Modec and Smith Electric Vehicles (and maybe even Boulder Electric Vehicles) into the North American electric truck market has prompted Freightliner to set about putting their own all-electric chassis together. To help speed things along, they have ...

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    Boulder Electric Vehicle makes trucks with Killacyclers [w/VIDEO]

    Boulder Electric Vehicle's truck – click above to watch the videos after the jump
    If an experienced and knowledgeable team counts for anything in the world of electric vehicle startups, then there is a good chance we may see new American-made delivery trucks on our streets next year. Boulder ...

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    Tata and Chrysler's GEM plan electric delivery vehicle

    Way back in January, rumors began swirling regarding a potential tie-up between Chrysler's GEM and India's Tata Motors. The rumored love-child was an electric version of the delivery truck known in India as the Tata Ace. Now, we have a potential price for the unit, and it sounds almost too good to ...

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    DHL Gogreen Express allows Asia Pacific customers carbon-neutral shipping option

    Delivery services like DHL are very efficient operations that get your package from point A to point B at the lowest possible cost, but the company's mega-fleet spews CO2 by the truckload. In the Asia Pacific region, DHL has started Gogreen Express to give environmentally conscious shippers the ...


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